The Culture of Spain Patrick Shang CLASS PERIOD:7

Country Profile-1

  1. Capital: Madrid
  2. Population: 46.77 million (2014)
  3. Ethnic makeup:89.9% Spanish and 10.1% others
  4. Language: Catalonia, Castilian, Catalan, Basque, and Galician

Country Profile-2

  • Type of Government: Monarch
  • Currency: Euro
  • Major religions: Catholic
  • Climate: Hot summers and cool to mild and wet winters

Traditional Foods

  • Paella ( rice-based dishes)
  • Inner ( soups)
  • Pisto ( Spanish ratatouille)

Appointment alert

  • The working hours for Spain is to open from 9:00a.m to 1:30p.m or 2:00p.m
  • The bank government of the officers open 9:00a.m to 2:00p.m on Monday to Friday
  • Work does not really start until 9:30 or 10:00a..m,but it includes dinner and the working hour extend beyond midnight.

Business Dress

  • Men should wear dark woollen or linen suits and silk ties with cotton shirts.
  • It also acceptable to wear the lightweight suits.
  • When person is off-duty is to keep in mind to not wear shorts in public.

Conversation Etiquette

  • The ability to be amusing and entertaining is a humor plays is a important part of business discussions.
  • It is always a correct title to followed a surname and it also a courtesy to respect to the people.
  • It is risk to appear in sarcastic or mocking to use as a speech today.

Gift Giving Etiquette

  • If a person receive a gift, the person should open it immediately to the front of the giver.
  • The person should not give anything too extravagant as the people of generosity.
  • If a person who unprepared a bottle of fine whisky will always be appreciated.

Let's Make a Deal

  • Personal contracts and relationships is an essential to business success in Spain.
  • The Spaniards is going to seek the support and approval of family to act on their own.
  • The ideologies of the church and/or a residual nationalism to be important influences in decision marking.

Entertaining Etiquette

  • Breakfast meetings are not popular.
  • When a person is making a toast, the host or hostess is simply raises the glass to say salud and guests do the same in response.
  • When a person is finished, the person should place the knife and fork side by side on plate.

Public Behavior

  • It is also common for man to hug or pat each other on the back as a shaking hands.
  • The Spaniards is always formal to extend a brief, but firm handshake.
  • When summoning someone as a example of a waiter to the person is to put the palm down and wave the fingers or entire hand.

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