AONS (HADES) By Robert duane aragon

Hades brother of Zeus and Poseidon. After the overthrow of there Father CRONUS he drew lots of Pain and Hatred with them to share the Universe. He drew poorly, which resulted in becoming lord of The Underworld and ruler of the Dead. Nevertheless, he was not considered to be death itself, as this was a different god. Called Thanatos. Greedy like his brother Poseidon, he was mainly interested in increasing his subjects, and anyone whose Deeds resulted in people Dying was favoured by him. The Erinnyes ( The Furies _ Anger, hatred ) were welcomed guests in his Kingdom.


3 character traits

1. He was thrown in the Underworld for chaos and his hatred for his Father Cronus. 2. He's the god of Death ( not really ) ruler of underworld and his subjects ( people ) are welcomed but they will be in the worst pain in there entire LIFE so they suffer for Eternity. 3. He cannot Escape his prison ( Underworld ) because his brothers Traped him there for Eternity he cant leave and he's master of Evil creatures like the (Hell-hounds) But he's really angry at his brothers mostly. ( I think he wants to get pay back ) For there Father.

The Theme: The Theme to Hades Story is that during the time when Hades and his brothers and there Father Cronus where around Cronus wanted to kill his children but his sons had to stop him from doing that but after that Zeus brother of Hades become Ruler of the Gods but Hades was Banished to the Underworld because he wanted there father to live longer so he was Determined to destroy his brothers and be Free from his Prison of sorrow, Pain, agony, and with his Wife Persephone.

Hades god of Underworld, Death, Wealth

Discussion Statement: Hades Lord of (underworld) the one god cast out of Olympia (Home of the gods) and wants Chaos and Destruction to Earth and Olympia and wants to Rule all Worlds so that everyone can feel what he's been through cause Hades when he was in Prison he had to suffer for his entire life (dead life).

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