Scorch Trials By: James Dashner

This book was the sequel to Maze Runner previously done by James Dashner. If you can remember the ending of Maze Runner they are on their way to a government compound. That is where this book began. While they were there it turns out that the place was corrupt so they escaped. So they were out in the desert, probably playing I spy, and then there was a big lightning storm. So they started running to a compound that they saw. By the way these lightning storms are ridiculous. So then they made it. After this a girl came out and took him to her dad who owned the place. So they told him about their predicament. That was when the government people came. So they then escaped. They also blew up the place. That killed the government scouts. So they got a car and and drove as far as they could. That point was where a sniper shot at them. They were going to throw a C4 but the sniper came down behind them and put them into a holdup. One of the kids who escaped with them recognized the sniper. The sniper also recognized him. They were in their own Maze together. There were multiple mazes. They took them to their compound. Or more like a camp. Thomas's mom was there. So then they had an awkward stand off just looking at each other. Then they hugged. So that's when the girl who escaped the maze together told on them and the government came. So they took one of their freinds and the girl went with them. So then the book ended and I threw it across the room because of the cliff hanger.


This is a picture of the cover

This book was science fiction

I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys something like survival in the apocalypse. I say this because it is what this book basically is. So if you like something similar to walking dead with the zombie kind of things. I would give this book a five star because of the constant action and suspense.

Ryan Stachon

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