Not So Far-fetched The benefits of Animal companionship for commuter college students

Most adolescents identify their college career to be stressful time including exponential personal growth. The stresses associated with college can lead to poor academic performance and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Animal companionship is a sufficient means of easing stress and forming a therapeutic environment for a commuter college students home.

More households are acquiring animal companions everyday. Not only are pets a way to reduce stress, but human-animal relationships lead to the development of necessary skills for later adulthood. Pet ownership can help to develop time management skills, financial responsibility, cleanliness and organization; some of the previously mentioned skills cannot be taught through a college course.

If stress is not managed appropriately it can be detrimental to college students. Increased anxiety and poor sleep patterns, which are symptoms of stress, can be reduced through animal companionship. Reduction of stress is only a small benefit of pet ownership. Overall, human-animal relationships provide a unique lifestyle outside of school.

Animals provide college students the opportunity to socialize with other pet owners. Pet centered events are held frequently among communities and are a great way to get to know others. Some apartment complexes have areas where pet owners can bring their dogs and let them run and play off-leash in a safe environment. Shelters usually hold adoption events regularly throughout the year, which makes finding the ideal pet a simply task. Furthermore, it is important to note that animal companions are not limited to cats and dogs, but also include reptiles, rodents, fish, and many more creatures. Commuter college students are in an ideal situation where an animal companion is a practical and beneficial addition to life.


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