Welcome to the Fittest Loser Challenge!

Fittest Loser is an annual competition that anyone can join. There are two ways to participate, individually or with a team.

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Events include: 5ks, yoga, nutritional classes, meditation, fitness classes, webinars, cooking demos and more!

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Individual Competition

In the individual competition, 5 contestants received 12 weeks of free instruction from a personal trainer from Push Fitness and a nutritionist. The individual who loses the most weight wins the grand prize and the title of Fittest Loser.

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Meet this year's contestants

Melissa Hood

Melissa Hood with her Push Fitness trainer Nicole Caliva

Annamarie McMurray

Annamarie McMurray with her Push Fitness trainer Josh Steckler

Rick Meyers

Rick Meyers pictured with Aditya pandya from the Food Revolution Club at Stevenson High School

Ed Poczatek

Ed Poczatek pictured during a boot camp class at Push Fitness

Bob Sinclair

Bob Sinclair pictured with his Push Fitness trainer Steve Amsden

At Work Challenge

The At Work team challenge brings together teams from businesses all over the Chicago suburbs to take advantage of free and discounted classes, weekly newsletters, special events, cooking demos, beginning and ending health assessment, and more. Prizes are given to the team, top male, and top female who lose the most weight. An award for best team champion is awarded to the captain that went above and beyond for their team during the challenge.

At Work Challenge Photos

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