War of the Roses

The house of York is the white rose and the House of Lancaster

Edward IV ruled England for 10 years then Henry VI became king for a year then Edward builds up army and defeats Henry. So Henry was killed

I think that Richard the lll should be guilty because he wanted to be king so he killed the twins so he can be king.

Henry Tudor won the Battle of Hastings

Henry Tudor didn't have a good claim to the throne.

Henry Tudor married Edwards daughter so they combined houses.


Created with images by fourthandfifteen - "Possibly King Henry VI" • p_a_h - "Richard III" • Vintuitive - "Battle of Bosworth 2013 PinotNoir" • Dun.can - "Jasper Tudor" • Newtown grafitti - "Tudor Hall Hotel, Redfern, VI" • lisby1 - "James V, King of Scotland, Father of Mary, Queen of Scots, Son of Margaret Tudor, Grandson of Henry VII"

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