What Are Ghosts By luke slater

Have you ever wondered about what were those creepy, scary, absolutely spine tingling entities haunting you were? Well in this article you are going to find out!

What are Ghosts

The first theory of what are ghosts is that when you die you become a ghost and do not go to heaven or hell as the bible says you do. Instead, you are trapped in this world forever and is an imprint of the past sort of like a flame. You light the candle, then blow out the match, the flame lives on forever until you blow that out. Another theory of what ghosts are are that they are visitors from another dimension. They might not be the spirit of a dead person like we think but they could be a person from another place time and dimension. Another theory is ghosts are here to trick us and are actually angels or demons. The second to last theory is that ghosts are imprints of the past. Which when someone is filled with a strong emotion, the moment is recorded and replayed many times. The final theory is ghosts are your subconscious mind thinking.

This is the Scientific Reasoning basically the scientific reasoning means the more lab worky stuff not like the magic stuff, cold spots in a room make people think that a ghost is trying to manifest. Manifesting means showing or displaying something. Orbs are proven a mistake because, when bugs get close to the camera with flash on the look like an Orb. Sightings of ghosts are hallucinations when you have CO poisoning which is common in old houses. Ghost hunters use Ion measures because it was believed that it sees ghosts although Ion measures also measure heat and solar energy. This source concludes that ghost are not real and the evidence of ghosts are just all mistakes.

Can they Communicate with Us

Ghosts can communicate and these are some examples how ghosts communicate with us. Changes in temperature very suddenly, breezes, electric disturbances such as electrical items stopping of blowing up, the doorbell ringing when there is no one there and finally objects being moved out of place. But can we communicate with them? Apparently, there are many ways we can communicate with them such as using an ouija board which is a dangerous way. This way is dangerous because it could lead to possement. Another way is the Recording Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Because they we can communicate with them, people sometimes take it for granted, making the spirits angry.

What Types of Ghosts Are There?

There are many types and these are the common types. First, there are the ghosts of the living who are ghosts of people who have not died. Then there are time slips which are people who went forward and back in time and can interact with the environment. Then there are HIO or Haunted Inanimate Objects which is supernatural behavior in objects which are not alive. Then there are Crisis Apparitions are which are seeing loved ones which are hallucinations (imagining things) of the mind which is common in the stages of the aftermath of death. Next, there are Historical Ghosts which are traditional ghosts such as people or animals. Then there are poltergeists who are able to change and touch the environment. Finally, there are Elementals which are ghosts connected to their place of burial. It means that the ghost haunting you could be a different type than what you are thinking is haunting you.

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