What is GoPro?

GoPro is the market leader of wearable action and innovative cameras. The company was founded in 2002 by Nicholas Woodman. At the beginning it was focused on cameras for surfing, then it expanded to a wide variety of sports and extreme adventures, penetrating the market by offering a high quality fully portable camera with a 21st century feel and slick design that none of the big players could provide, thus attracting young customers.

Mission Statement: "The world’s most versatile cameras are what we make. Enabling you to share your life through incredible photos and videos is what we do." - Nicholas Woodman, Founder and CEO.

Social Media Integration:

Nowadays marketing or advertising campaigns in social medias are much more effective than on TV for the simple fact that every day there are many more people connected to their phones and social networks than those who turn on the television. This means have the capability to reach the widest number of individuals interested in the brand. For GoPro is really easy to embrace people in their community as not only is the content shared to an audience, but in many cases is produced by the same audience. GoPro is "going viral", they have a strong presence in most popular social medias, which allows the company to grow fast and advertise reaching a very broad audience to gain brand awareness.

Customer Engagement:

”Be a Hero” is the brand slogan. The target market are young, adventurous individuals characterised by the interest in extreme sports and the continuos seek of adrenalin feelings. GoPro promotes not the product, but the feeling and that is why they have focused in creating a community of people that follow a similar lifestyle; Owning a GoPro does not define what you like but who you are.


Instagram: GoPro increased the monthly output of content by 71% from January to December 2014; the most impressive aspect is that with the increase in posts the level of engagement and interactions increased drastically. Nowadays the page has 12 million followers and 3300 posts

The key of their success is the amount of user-generated content. Through the "Photo of the Day" and "Video of the Day" contest they allow their customers to share their daily adventures and create a sense of community based on adrenalin and audacity. Through Instagram, GoPro promote their products publishing posts and offers that appear directly in the home of every user who has liked their page.

Youtube: GoPro has a dedicated personal youtube channel that disclose videos created by customers. At the moment the channel has more than 1800 videos and 4.7 million people subscribed. The aim of the channel is to share breathtaking experiences, such as sky diving, surfing or snowboarding in order to increase brand awareness and drive demand for their products. Furthermore another important aspect of the youtube channel managed by go pro is the interaction with customers. Gopro constantly responds to questions and comments by their viewers in the videos, which increase promotion of the product as well as provide a larger sense of community within its users.

•Facebook: The GoPro presence on Facebook is more oriented towards SMM (Social Media Marketing) as the content shared often includes information about new products, functions and accessories which are about or have just been released. This way of promotion is very important for GoPro as they reach over ten million facebook users that have liked the page.


So far, GoPro has made a great job in promoting the adventurous spirit, but we believe their next strategy should be promoting team spirit. The solution we came up is an activation that would last for two weeks throughout different locations across the globe that would consists in organising, sponsoring and promoting team events in a created website called teamgopro.com, where people can subscribe and participate while recording their experience with a GoPro provided by the company. Some of the events will be live streamed for the world to see, with the goal of encouraging groups of friends to be audacious and adventurous while working together. Every day the best team-picture and team-video of the day will be shown.

After this two weeks of events the website will persist with a slightly different objective; facilitate the organisation of team adventures such us: rafting, sky diving, and kayaking. The website will provide information about where to go, according from country to country, to realise this activities, where to get appropriate equipment and the overall costs of the activity. Teams will be encouraged to upload the videos sharing their experiences during this adventures. The impact of this social media strategy is expected to be very significant, as the globe presence of GoPro will increase and the world will be excited to follow the events occurring in many different locations and become inspired to join GoPro's adventurous world.

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