Lake Murray Bridal Show Ticket Purchase Visit www.icrc.net to purchase ticket!

Step 1: Go to www.icrc.net and click the green drop down at the top

Step 2: If you have a current account, log in! If not, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page

Step 3: Log in if you have a current account. If not, please create an account using the following link.

Step 4: Once you have your account created, select program registration

Step 5: Click "Seasonal Events" then select "Vendor Events".

Step 6: Select "register now" for Vendor Events.

Step 7: Select "Register Now" on the Lake Murray Bridal Show event page.

Step 8: Verify your name is selected and select "Next".

Step 9: Adjust the quantity for how many people will be joining you at the show and then select "next".

Step 10: Enter your payment information and select "Place my order"

Step 11: You're ready to come to the show!