December Student of the Month

Mason Taylor 1/7 /2021

Today I interviewed Mason Taylor on being the 12th grade student of the month. This one was actually one of the best interviews yet. Mason and I are friends so it was really easy to communicate with him.

Mason described himself as a nice, respectful, and a smart guy.

So I asked him what he wanted to do after high school and he said "I applied to GSU and got accepted, but I also applied to UGA and I'm still waiting to see if I got in. I want to go to collage an study microbiology or biology and work for the CDC." Which I thought was very cool.

Then I asked him what does he think made him stand out from everyone else. He said "I think it was my grades and the fact that I am very nice and respectful to anyone around me. I try to treat them the way I would want to be treated."

I then asked him if he got recognized or rewarded by any teachers, He said " I got noticed by a few but not a lot and no I didn't get rewarded but its okay, I was just more shocked that I got it because I have never been noticed like that."

To wrap everything up I asked him "If you could give your fellow classmates some advice what would it be?" He then responded with " Just respect everyone especially your teachers I mean they are the ones who put in your grades, but in general just respect and be nice to everyone, its not hard to be nice."

October's Student of the Month

Amber Gay

11/19- Statesboro

This month I got the opportunity to interview the 11th grade Student of the month, Amber Gay. This one was also a Face-to Face interview as well.

So we sat down and I asked her a few questions. I started off with some starter questions such as " What are your future plans?" " I want to go to collage and become something with law enforcement." After we broke the ice I asked her the question on the student of the month.

"How did you react when you found out?" she than said " Well I really didn't know until I walked into 1st period and my teacher told me I was the student of the month and to go take a picture and that was it."

After that I asked her "What/who motivates you to do so well in school?" She replied with "Well no one really motivates me I just know that if my grades aren't good then my mom will yell at me for them." Which honestly same.

I asked her if she got rewarded for being the student of the month and she said "No, I just got told to get my picture taken and that was it, it wasn't anything special to be honest."

After everything was said and done I thanked her for coming and cooperating with me. I was a real pleasure to interview her. Its defiantly one that I would never forget.

September student of the Month


I got the chance to interview Katie Donaldson on the student of the month. Luckily this time I did get to actually have a face-to-face interview with her.

I asked her what she thought of being the student of the month and she responded with " Honestly I feel like there were better candidates for the 10th grade student of the month, but when I heard it was me I was really shocked."

I then asked if she got rewarded for it and she replied with "No I did not, I just got told congratulations from some of my teachers, most of them didn't even notice it, which really didn't bother me."

I asked what she thought about school in general, and she said " I don't think school is that important because it doesn't teach you what you really need to know in life. some of it is good to know but most of it is very unnecessary, like if you ask a English teacher if she uses y=mx+b on a daily basis, she would say no, because no one does." Which I completely agree with.

Then she said that she does want to go to collage after school, but she doesn't know what for right now. I then asked her what her what her biggest motivation was in school and she said " Nothing really just that she knows she has to keep her grades up because of her future."

Statesboro 9/14/20 Mycah reed

Recently I got the opportunity to interview Kea'yden Miller on being last school year's 9th student of the year. Sadly I couldn't sit down to talk to her, but I did get the chance to email her and ask some questions on everything.

So to start things off I asked her "How did it feel when you got the news that you were the student of the month, and Why?" She said "It felt really great to get student of the month. I was happy that all of my hard work had been rewarded." I then proceeded to ask her what made her stand out from every other student. She replied with "I always made sure to ask my teachers lots of questions and write notes for every lesson we did." When I heard that it made me wonder if there where any responsibilities of being the student of the month. She said that she felt like she had to set a good example for her classmates.

She also stated that one piece of advise that she would give her classmates is, "I think one piece of advice I would give them is to try their best and ask for help when they don’t understand. There is no shame in raising your hand in class and asking for help when you need it." Her biggest motivation in her life was her mom because, "She always encouraged me to do my best even when I thought that I wasn’t smart enough to do things."

I then asked "If you could go back in time and do things over again what would it be and why?" She said "would go back in time and give myself a little more confidence when it came to doing things I was nervous about."

As the interview came to an end I began to wonder if it was her grades or if it was something else that got her that title and she responded with, "I think that it was a mixture of my grades and the effort that I put into the classroom."