The Lewis and Clark Expedition A WebQuest for 4th graders


You have been chosen to travel with Lewis and Clark across America! In order to prepare for the journey, you will need to know what your job entails and what supplies you will need. You will present this information, dressed in the clothing you would need for your role, to show that you are ready for "a day on the expedition"!


You will be researching about explorers to find out what supplies and skills they needed to survive! After filling out your chart worksheet on this, you will then write a paragraph pretending you are either the Explorer, the Navigator or the Hunter! To present it to the rest of the class, you must be dressed up like your character!


1. Designate roles to each person in your group.

3. Click through the "Journey Log". Keep in mind your role, and make a list of qualities or descriptors that correspond to your role.


Congratulations! You have now learned all about Lewis and Clark and their expedition! You are an expert on exploring and know everything you need to survive without shelter. Make sure to show your excitement on the topic with your classmates when you present your piece of writing!


Using what you have learned, imagine what it would have been like on the expedition. Write one paragraph describing what a day in the life of your role would have looked like, including the clothing, duties, and supplies. You will be presenting this to the class. When you do so, you will dress as your role would have on the expedition. Work hard, and have fun!


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