Kids should be able to ride thrill rides samantha farnham

What People need to know that Kids should defenetly be able to ride thrill rides. And im going to tell you exactly why. They should because first of all they will love thrill rides,second of all the whole family can stick together and last but defenetly not least kids can be safe on thrill rides.

Kids will love thrill rides.i know because i exspireinced a sad felling that i was not going to be tall enough for the thrill ride. once i was in line for a hight stand at hershey and i saw a kid about half an inch taller than me and i was 54 inches and the hight requierment was the same. I needed to be a twizzler that year or

I could not go on the hershey thrill rides. Witch would make me sad.i was scared becuse the kid infront of me just made the cut to go on the thrill rides. But i just made the cut too. But that day i was in a lot of luck. But most kids are sad that they don't get to go on the ride.

The other reason that the whole family can stick together. This is very important because most times little kids have to sit with one parent why the other one is in line for the thrill ride line which is normally about a half hour long so when the parent that rode the ride first has to then stay with the kid which wastes and hour and five minutes which is not fun for a kid to just sit there for that amount of time for example once I was at universal and i was going to go on a ride called the hulk but i was too short and so my sister and Poppop went on the ride and i waited with my dad and so when my poppop and sister got back from the ride my dad and my sister went on and my poppop stayed with me. That not a problem but it wasted a lot of our time and we didn't have fast passes so we were out of luck.

My last but defenetly,defenetly not least a way kids can be safe on thrill rides. You must be thinking that there's no way unless there tall enough but there is a way for example at conobles there is a ride called

impulse and the hight limit is 54 inches but most kids aren't tall enough to ride that but konobles made it safe for kids around the age of 5 and4 and this ias how. at the beginning of the line they have a height limit meserer but I didn't meet the requirement so they gave me a kids sticker and when we were at the front of the line the person that made sure you were in you seat properly got a booster seat for a rollercoasters and i thought that that was what the kids sticker was for and i was right so the put me in the roller coaster booster seat and then he put the normal harness over me and off we went to ride the ride and i had the time of my life. It was awesome! I looked up a few accidents on thrill rides and most of them are

That is why kids should be able to ride thrill rides

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