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Intro to The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages also called the Medieval Times was a time period that was from 500 AD to 1500 AD. The beginning of the Middle Ages began with the fall of the Roman Empire. When you say Medieval Times most people think of kings, queens and castles. There is a lot more to the Middle Ages then people know.

Religion and Architecture

A common Middle Ages town

The main religion at the time was Christianity. During the Middle Ages people built extravagant churches to worship in. The churches were very rich and powerful during the middle ages. The hierarchy in the church went like this: First the pope. Next the cardinals. Finally the bishops and abbots. The style of the church was a Gothic style.

A Medieval church

Around the time of the Middle Ages buildings were built with protection in mind. They first started out building everything with wood but soon found out that wood caught fire easily. So they switched to stone. Fireplaces were common in large houses or castles because large stone buildings were hard to keep warm.

Art of the Middle Ages

Medieval art has many characteristics that set it apart. Some include rich colors, religious icons, flat and stiff figures that show no depth. Architecture was also considered art in the Middle Ages.


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