First Day Back Hybrid by: Olivia Arthur

Worthington Kilbourne students finally go back to school, split into 2 groups, Green and Blue group. Today, Wednesday September 30th, was Blue group's first day back into the place they would have been for 5 days straight since August. Here's some pictures from students' first day back!

Lunches in hybrid are definitely different from normal. Lunches are free for the first week of hybrid, allowing students to avoid using the number pad to put their code in to pay.

Even the lunch room looks different. Every desk is 6 feet apart, in groups of 4, to keep the students socially distanced.

In every class, there are wipes to wipe your desk and chair at the end and beginning of every class. Students must wipe down their desk and chair to prevent germs from other classes.

One-way hallways in hybrid also are a new addition and change in the Covid-19 conditions. Students must follow the arrows to get to their classes with also a new addition of certain stairways being UP only or DOWN only.

The tape on the ground of the hallways divide the students up in to the right, or left side of the hallway depending on which way they're getting to class.

"I wish school was normal again, hybrid is exhausting but definitely been better than staying at home all day; it's a good change of scenery."- Sophomore BRIELLE BOMSTA

Students definitely have mixed feelings about hybrid. Most people think of coming back to school a "struggle" and "aren't ready" while other students are much more glad to be out of their house, and seeing people in person again.

Freshman starting their first year of high school in hybrid would be much more of a struggle. Getting around to their classes and adapting to the environment is much harder when there's half the people, and all socially distanced.

"Definitely did not expect freshman year to start off like this." -Freshman HALEY AMINAKA

Overall it seems to be a mixed emotion topic, coming back to school hybrid. Worthington Kilbourne students are seeming to adjust to this schedule and adapting to the sort of school-like atmosphere.