Mountain Tops Up Up and Beyond

Food : I am not a fan of hunting, therefore my food will be delivered to me in a bag once a week. In this bag there will be fruits such as, oranges, strawberries, crunchy green grapes and raspberries. This bag will also contain already made sandwiches from subway ( my order ). Milk and Dads cookies are a must, along with carrots and cucumbers to `stay healthy`.

Shelter: For my shelter I'm going to have a little mountain cabin with a lot of windows. I am going to have garden and a lot of trees surrounding me. Just a small cabin with enough space for me and a dog. :))) My environment will be very care free.

Clothing : For clothing i will have the same wardrobe i have now. Although i might go out and buy a few new things I will have the same normal clothes and a washing machine to clean them.

Entertainment : For my entertainment and things to keep me busy, i will have good music, my garden and a dog to take for walks. I will also include a TV and a Netflix account in case the weather is not good one day.

My symbol is two simple mountains because in my utopia i would like my life to be simple and carefree.

Created By
Madison Lizee


Created with images by Emanuele Comotti - "Mountain"

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