book theif connor brummett

april 26 discussion director

executive evaluator april 25

april 24 connection builder

april 21 character captain

April 20-word wizard

April 19-literary luminary

April 18-Discussion director book

book thief Markus Zusak character is really deep and is very thoughtful, and very crafty. she is very calm too she loves her foster dad but not her foster mom. she is in somewhat of a relationship with a boy named rudy.

she loves books and she is very smart. it seems she sees the world in a different way.

april seventeenth

this theme is because she and everyone around her is dying.

April twelth

my connection is that. that the mom and the dad both had to leave. the little girl and her brother had to stay somewhere while the mama went some where. and the little girl was very independent and she had a little brother. and the mama was the last to leave the family the dad was first.

April Twelth

my character is a girl her name is Leisel. she is a child and she loves too read and she loves her mother brother and her papa. She is very tough and very smart.

literary liturature april tenth


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