Abc's of Culture By: Nathan Miller

Art and Literature

New York City's Beautiful Graffiti
Harper Lees's Novel "To Kill a Mocking Bird"


New York's Empire State Building
Washington's Monument

Communications and Transportation

Buses are used common in city's for quick and cheap transportation
Americas Boeing network allows are country to fly to other countrys


Women in society are expected to wear dress's on special occasions
Common everyday business man or office working clothes


The United States is the Wealthiest country in the world
More often things are purchased with debit or credit cards rather then actual cash


Family is the reason anyone does anything in the United States
Women are often seen as the housewife's or a stay-at-home-mom


Government in the unites states is repsresented with are Presidential Ca-dates
United States is split into three groups of government Legislative, Executive, and Judicial


Americas History Began with the American Revoltion
America has had multiple arm races with countrys


Idles such Mlk lead to the success of the civil rights movement
Obama was the marker that African Americans had got what they worked so hard for


Jobs come in all shapes in sizes in the united states
Jobs can be hard to get sometimes


With schools and Colleges Knowledge is important in the unites states
Some might seek the opportunity or just let it wash away


The primary Language spoken in the unites states is English
But languages are widespread in the united states from Spanish to german

Movement and Migration

Hundred if not thousands cross the Mexican border a day for better life and opportunity

National Pride

Some over show National Pride and some show none
Sometimes national pride can lead to feuds


FOOD Organization are typically the most important


Population in the united states is always increasing
With are increasing population there are many races and ethnic groups seen around the country

Quality of Life

Average life of an american is in the middle class
People interact and typically there is not any confrontations


Majority of the United States is found in the chirstian faith
But other religions such as Islam are welcome in the united states


Whites are typically paired with Being WEALTHY OR MIDDLE CLASS
While blacks are seen as lower class


Expressing yourself to the world is totally unacceptable in the united states
It is taboo to not respect or address the nation flags and ethics

Urban or Rural

Most people live in city's rather than rural farmland

Vacation and Recreation

When it comes to vacation people often go to beach resorts
People also spend their vacation visiting family and places

Ways of everyday Life

When it comes to cooking, cooking is done usually on stoves, grills, or even the microwave
Homemade from scratch foods are not seen often and more likely made from a box

Xmarks the Spot

Cities affect and shape the culture with their crowded streets and noisy streets


A typical American will probably consume something along these lines for breakfast
A typical american will generally eat whatever their craving for lunch or dinner


Its respected to say bless you after some one sneezes


Created with images by Foolhound - "graffitti art wall" • 50 Watts - "Marc Storrs and Rob Morphy, To Kill a Mocking Bird (entry for the 50 Watts' Polish Book Cover Contest)" • Arch_Sam - "Empire State - NY - Aerial View" • FriendD1 - "monument washington dc george washington" • BhowardE - "bus" • steve p2008 - "plane" • HalloweenFashion - "Ball Gown Wedding Dress" • chidi - "african american black models african businessman" • NikolayFrolochkin - "dollar money cash money" • jarmoluk - "money card business" • White77 - "family holiday people" • voltamax - "industrial security logistic" • 271277 - "obama barack obama president" • skeeze - "government architecture building" • TINTYPEPHOTOS - "english civil war reenactment historical" • skeeze - "martin luther king jr i have a" • Muhammad غفّاري - "Obama" • Pexels - "apple caffeine coffee" • Leader Nancy Pelosi - "July Jobs Report" • geralt - "leave board hand" • DariuszSankowski - "knowledge book library" • Ben_Kerckx - "war memory poppy" • jenny downing - "88" • Unsplash - "american flag usa" • Unsplash - "usa flags stars and stripes" • PeteLinforth - "bananas fruit yellow" • Finally Boston - "South End population in 1990, 2000, and 2010" • BM10777 - "human man person" • SHAOWEILAOBA - "republic of china nanjing middle class housing" • MDGovpics - "Center for American Progress" • geralt - "cross sunset sunrise" • Donations_are_appreciated - "moscow church orthodox" • jarmoluk - "business card contact business cards" • push 1 - "good morning!" • JeepersMedia - "Naked Juice" • - "Can you see?" • scottwebb - "toronto architecture skyscraper" • Nick Kenrick.. - "of paradise today ... Toward me ... a friend with sweet nature" • A_Werdan - "girls summer sun" • ReneS - "Cooking in a Pan" • Moyan_Brenn - "Cooking" • cofiem - "City" • jameelwinter - "Snow-day Breakfast" • pashminu - "burger food junk" • tinafranklindg - "sneeze"

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