Florida is a very populated states with 19,89 millions of people.
Florida has a tropical climAte. The highest temperature is up to 82.4ºf and the lowest is down to 64.3ºf.
With his high population, Florida has a lot of ethnicities. For exemple, in Miami there is: 11,3% of White people, 67,4% of Hispanic people, 19,8% of Black people, 0,9% of Asians, 0,4% of Mixed people and 0,2% of others.
The universal resort is one of the most visited parks in florida. It is a theme park located in orlando, florida. Also, It is the second largest resort after walt disney world!
The florida keys are very beautifUl beaches. They are a coral cay archipelago in the southern oast of Florida. The southern part of the keys is just 90 miles from cuba. There, you can fish, go to the beach, go snorkelling, see the dolphins and a lot of others.
Walt disney worls is an entertainment complex in Bay Lake, near Orlando. It is the most visited vacation resort in the world, with 52 millions of people by year.
Legoland is a theme park in Winter Haven, Florida. It is the second largest legoland after the one in the U.K. Legoland preserved the botanical park and redecorated the water park and roller coasters along a Lego theme. The park has more than 45 rides, shows, attractions, restaurants, shops, and a water park and a botanical garden.

A citrus swirl is a sort of ice cream with soft serve and orange sorbet.

A key lime colada is delicious drink made with key lime and a lot of tasty ingredients.

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