Apricot Kimono

The one thing I’ll remember is seeing my friend in her kimono.

That pretty, apricot kimono. I disliked apricots. But with her, I loved them.

We talked, and saw each other. But when my family moved. All I had was that memory...

of her lovely apricot kimono.

Now, I wanted to see her, how she had grown.

I envied her, sitting like a perverse stalker to my own dear friend because of that…

gorgeous and beautiful apricot kimono.

I tried to imagine her, how she would look wearing it Now. Her hair tied back, glasses…

and that marvelous apricot kimono.

As years went by I had grown out of options to think of her, It was obvious I was obsessed…

her body, mature and lovely, a bride in full bloom...in an apricot kimono.

Here I am now, the only thing I’ll remember is an apricot kimono,

only to know that I should have been forthright with her instead of in the distance.

We were in the 7th grade when we met. When I gazed at her kimono, I remember it because it mattered, why she mattered,why i loved that dreaded color of Kimono.

She was my middle school crush, who no longer exists except in my mind….

smiling in her apricot kimono.

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