Career Research Project By Janie Lobel

ENFJ - Extravert(75%) iNtuitive(50%) Feeling(22%) Judging(53%)
Artistic because I love the arts and want to inspire others like my teachers have done for me. I believe that artistic is a perfect characteristic to describe myself and what I see myself doing in the future.
Social because I love performing, presenting, and being able to talk with others on various topics. I also believe that social is a perfect description of me because I am never shy in a crowd and hope to later go into a teaching profession.

The job that I wish to pursue is a Music Teacher. A music teacher helps improve a students understanding and abilities in the musical portion of the fine arts. I believe that this is a perfect job for me because it will allow me to work using both of my higher ranked characteristics. Artistic, in the music portion and social, in the teacher portion.

To become a music teacher, I will need a Ph. D, teacher certifications, and meet all state requirements for teaching. As for the music part of the career, there are certain classes that must be passed such as Music Theory, Music History, Music Education, Sight-Singing, and Vocal Training. I will need 4 years of college education and not necessarily needed but highly recommended more years in school for a Doctorate degree. My major will be Music Education. The minimum education needed is an undergrad degree with the essential teaching certification for the state. In addition, I will need to master every single instrument to become a successful music teacher. Everything that is required and necessary in order to become a music teacher excites me more than anything. Having to learn every instrument sounds like a true challenge, which I personally enjoy.

Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. One needs a 101.77 GPA to be accepted.
University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. One needs a 98.31 GPA to be accepted.
Boston Conservatory at Berklee in Boston, Massachusetts. One needs a 94.21 GPA to be accepted.

Possible classes and clubs that can help me to become a music teacher early on is to take Comprehensive Music Theory into AP Music Theory. This year I'm taking Comprehensive Music Theory and next year will take AP as my elective classes. In my junior and senior I plan on taking IB Music. Clubs offered at CHS that will help me to become a music teacher are Future Educators of Tomorrow.

Educators will plan the days' lessons, assess the students in the respective field, grade the students' work and stayed informed with the latest ways of teaching and assessing. The musical aspect of the job, requires the teachers to teach fundamental areas in all music, such as tempo, rhythm, and pitch. In addition to the fundamentals, a music teacher must get their ensemble to performance ready standards. The environment of a music teacher is very different based off the age of the students. The older the students, the more likely it is to have less students in their ensemble. However the students have more of a desire to be apart of the group. These ideas are opposite when the students are younger in age. The age of the students is what may cause a teacher more stress or affect the atmosphere of their job because the quality of the group is majorly on the students, and with age usually brings higher level musicianship. A music teacher has the same hours as any teacher but usually is the adviser for other music groups that adds more hours in the morning, afternoon, or night. After doing this research, I feel that there is more of a reality check pertaining to the job because the idea of lesson planning and assessing is now more understandable.

Future employment is going up about 11% specifically in the music department. The educator employment rate is going up, higher than the total occupations.
The median salary of a Music Teacher in the NY region is about $90,000. The top earners can make up to about $125,000. I personally had no ideas on salary for this job but the salary does sound appropriate.

After all of my research on having a career as a music teacher, I am still very much interested in this career. Specifically the courses that I'd have to take in college. The classes are very specific and can help me highlight my strong areas in music. What worries me the most is having to create lessons and assessments for the students. I am very eager to have this career because it combines my too favorite things; music and inspiring. Other jobs that may be similar are a professional musician, a music director, and a teacher in a different field.


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