Severe Storms Karla funes

Thunderstorm: A storm that generates lighting and thunder. Heavy rain and hail. Caused by warm , unstable air.
Formation: 1. Cumuls stage: warm air rises. 2. Mature stage:Cloud is at its biggest has lots of water, Precipitation occurs.
Tornadoes: Violent windstorms that form a vortex. Comes from a very large cloud.
Tornado formation: 1:Warm air begins to rotate ( called a mesocyclone.) 2: Air begins to roll creating the vortex.
Hurricanes :The most Violent storms on earth. Gets strengths from the water in the oceans. Called hyphoons and cyclones in other places in the world.
Hurricane formation. 1: begins as a bunch of thunderstorms. 2: Warm air from storms moves to the center and rises creating clouds. 3:Clouds form a ring (eye wall.) 4: ring spins and grows. 5: Storm dies once it goes far to land.


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