The Chainsmokers: World War Joy Tour Rachel Rinehart

Sunday, October 13, The Chainsmokers held a concert at Columbus' Schottenstein Center. This was the Chainsmokers's "World War Joy Tour", named after their most recent album "World War Joy...Takeaway". The DJ duo had openers Lennon Stella and 5 Seconds of Summer. 5 Seconds of Summer was a contraversial choice of openers since the pop-rock going alternative band have held concerts of their own. However, The Chainsmokers have songs featuring both openers, so this enabled them to perform their songs with both Lennon Stella and 5SOS.

Lennon Stella at the Schottenstein Center

The night opened with Lennon Stella as the pre-pre-show. At 7:30, shortly after the doors opened, Stella came out in "Grease"-esc leather pants and a matching leather bomber jacket. She performed some songs from her new album "Love, me". I had gone into the night having never even heard of Lennon Stella, so I had no idea what to expect. Her alternative/electronic music was a wonderful surprise, and I really enjoyed her performances. She had clips from different 1960's movies playing in black and white as she performed, which was not as crowd arousing as the fire that the Chainsmokers used, but it gave a nice vibe to her set. You could tell she is new to the whole performance thing because she stayed rather stationary, something that the two acts following her did anything but. It was hard to understand her, and if you did not already know the words you had to really concentrate on what she was saying. The lack of understanding in the lyrics did not take very much away from her set, and she had an overall lovely performance.

I went home and listened to her music, and was as pleased with it on Spotify as I was live. I suggest her song "La Di Da" and "Bad" from her album "Love, me", as well as her single "Like Everybody Else (Acoustic)". If you like pop-alt or electronic music, then I think you would benefit from giving Lennon Stella a listen.

After a 30 minute interval, the lights went out, and 5 Seconds of Summer took the stage. The band started out with their most popular song "She Looks So Perfect" from their first self titled album. The crowd was very into the performance, even those that were not there for 5SOS, since it is such a well known song. They followed with their second most recent release "Easier", which is when some people sat down. Even though I know it was a Chainsmokers concert, I was still surprised when the couple in the seats next to me sat down on their phones.

The Australian band continued their set with a lot of songs from their newest album "Youngblood". Songs from their second album "Sounds Good Feels Good" and first album "5 Seconds of Summer" made an appearance: "Waste the Night", "Amnesia", and "Jet Black Heart". The performance was as fantastic as always. They engaged the crowd and wowed them with their musical talent. They even made time for a cover of Blink-182's "What's My Age Again?" to make sure that even those that were not at the concert for 5SOS would be happy with their performance.

(Left to Right) Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood during their time with the crowd

Front man Luke Hemmings demonstrated his wondrous vocals the entire night and taught the crowd some lines to sing during a few of the songs. Bassist Calum Hood did not give any bass solos, but such a thing is rather unheard of. He did, however, sing for us. Though he is not the front man known for his singing, he still has a wonderful voice and it was cool to hear something different. Ashton Irwin the drummer, as bubbly as always had a few drum solos, making up for his lack of singing and absence of percussion in "Amnesia". He goes hard on the drumming and I know understand the hype of fourth quarter drumlins at football games. Michael Clifford, guitarist, was in the shadows the front end of the night, literally and figuratively. From my seats to the left side of the stage, Clifford was but an outline in the fog coming from the fog machines, but the music that emanated from his guitar made up his presence. He was the last to talk, but as they say: save the best for last. This was my third 5 Seconds of Summer concert, and I can honestly say that they never come up short on a concert, no matter how short their part is.

Lennon Stella singing with Chainsmokers's Drew Taggart (Picture 1) and 5 Seconds of Summer joining the Chainsmokers on stage (Pictures 2, 3, and 4)

I will always suggest a 5 Seconds of Summer concert, for their music and talent will never fall short in a performance. However, a new concert I will suggest is Lennon Stella. Her music is the perfect mix of alternative and pop and I cannot wait to see her in concert again. This was my first Chainsmokers concert, and I think that anyone who goes to one will be entertained from the opening song to the encore.