The Bodybuilder Hillside Newsletter: May Edition

Hello May!

Hello May! My oh my. What a rollercoaster the past weeks have been. People have been afraid. People have been anxious. Some have been frustrated because they're not afraid and yet still isolated. The right and left of every level of government have still been themselves. The news has been swamped with COVID-19 stories and opinion editorials. Each channel has its own truth. But none of these things, to me, have been the worst of it all.

The worst thing, apart from the loss of life perhaps, has been that we, the church, haven't been able to gather as we normally gather. We haven't been able to be together. The other elders and myself had to make the tough decision to stop all regular activities, up to and including our Sunday Worship Gatherings. During hard times, trying times, persecution, pandemic, or any other difficulty, the people of the church need one another. And as desperate as we've been for one another, this time has been marked by our being strongly advised and in some cases, forced to NOT be together.

I've personally learned to depend more on God alone and to be more thankful for community than I've ever been. And I'm sure you'll have areas in which you've grown during this time as well. However, one thing to constantly keep in mind during any difficulty of these proportions is that the Church of Jesus Christ is not a building. It's not a service or gathering. It's not community groups. It's not AWANA or Sunday School. The Church is not great worship music or preaching or budgets or shaking hands or a good cup of coffee. You are the church! We are the church! All of the things we've lost for a time are simply things we love to do as the church.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 16:18 that not even the "gates of Hell will not prevail against" his church. God is truly good. Now... Let's get back to it!

Pastor Rob

Some Things to Remember

In case you didn't watch the elders conversation (earlier in this newsletter) you should know that for now, Sunday Morning Worship is the only thing being brought back online. So there will be no Children's Church, AWANA, Youth Group, Sunday school, or Nursery. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page and/or our website and you'll be in the loop if there are any changes to this.

There is a small clear plastic tote just outside the main entrance of our church building. 103.7 The Connection is collecting Mother's Day cards for mom's in our community who will likely not receive one. And we're one of a few drop off points for these cards. If you have extra time (and most of us do right now) then please consider creating or purchasing a Mother's Day card for this effort. The box is outside, so you can drop it off at your convenience.

For the past two weeks now we've been hosting Zoom Prayer Meetings. These are Tuesdays at 11:30 AM. You can Join the meeting by clicking HERE or just watch Facebook and I'll post the link there just before the meeting on Tuesday. Robert Grunden is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Let's all make sure we're looking out for one another. See a need? Jump in where you can. We're all going to be presented with plenty of opportunities to share the source for the hope that is in us during this time. May it not be said of us that we missed it.

Miss a Week?

As always... Wait... not really. There's no as always this time. We've really been working through the hiccups and difficulties of advancing our technology I.Q. and equipment so we can bring you video of worship and preaching each week during this pandemic.

With that said, it's about to get even more interesting as we try to navigate live streaming with people in the chairs. So please bare with us as we learn and grow through this.

We will be attempting to live stream on the homepage of our website, on Facebook Live, and on Youtube simultaneously. So tune in by clicking the button below.

If you've missed one of our recent streams click the button below.