NOSARA Part one

Welcome to Nosara - the yogis, surfers, photographers and jungle/beach lovers heaven. The vibes down here are so amazing, everyone is so chilled out and happy, and you can really feel it everywhere you go. None of the roads are paved so everywhere you go feels like turning down some random dirt road until you happen upon the cutest juice cart or the perfect fish taco joint. Everything about this little town is so real and just seems like the ideal getaway from most of our busy work lives. So if you're coming to Nosara, plan on feeling very relaxed during your stay here - but also if you're looking for some good food, coffee, smoothies and beer, that's where I have hopefully got some tips for ya πŸ€™πŸΌ (This may be a long travel guide; I'm here for nine days and everything here is notable!!!)


  • 10 Pies; first of all, they have swinging comfy benches you can sit on while you eat their delicious baja fish tacos. This chill spot is located in "Little Italy" of Nosara, so there's a cute little Italian cafe and market across the street. We shared some chips and guac and washed our tacos down with some fruity beers - mine was a pineapple pale ale, while Emme had some hibiscus ale and Georgie went passionfruit. What more could you want for a post beach lunch?
  • La Luna;Β gotta love when a restaurant has both the insane views and insane food. MUST GET their antipasto plate - full of meats, hummuses, breads, olives, cheeses, tzatziki and everything you could dream of. Lots of mediterranean influence on their menu. We all shared a huge pizza which was perfect - one half goat cheese, tomatos and pesto, the other with chorizo, caramelized onions and green olives. We were completely satisfied after that. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
  • Beach Dog Cafe; go there for their open mic night, stay for mango jalapeno margaritas and a completely vegan menu! So impressive. They make their own pistachio butter, gluten free breads and use all organic ingredients. Oh and picklemole?! Aka guacamole with pickles in it - really good especially bc I LOVE pickles. Highly recommend the avocado pesto bruschetta. Then most of us went with their green goddess spinach salad with the fresh catch on top. (Non-vegans can add on chicken or fish to most menu items.) The atmosphere here was so much fun, every Tuesday is open mic night, and you're bound to see some characters get up there with the band. πŸ˜‚
  • La Casa; an AMAZING space all around. Inspired by Tulum and Morocco, this space is all white walls, really cool tiles, and eccentric furniture. The best part is it doesn't just have an amazing quinoa bowl and passionfruit margarita, there is also a men and women's boutique AND a spa on this property. You could just spend the entire day there. Back to this quinoa bowl though - quinoa, avocado, beets and sweet potato with a balsamic dressing on it. 😱 It was delish. Don't miss out on this spot!


What I really love about Nosara is how life revolves around a pretty healthy lifestyle. There are so many yoga studios and smoothie bars, and I don't think there's a better way to start your morning than that. These are my top two:

harmony hotel and juice bar
  • Bodhi Tree; I am so obsessed. The first morning we got here, we woke up to no power until noon, then finally left the house for a 12:30, hour and a half yoga class. It was the best way to start our trip, especially because we followed it with some delicious $6 (!!!) smoothies from Bodhi Tree's juice bar. The space is just so gorgeous and peaceful. Even if you're not participating in yoga, it's an awesome place to go for your morning smoothie or coffee and chill by the pool.
  • Harmony Hotel; this is like a hidden oasis. It is a super nice hotel but it's in the midst of plants and trees and has an overall quiet and tranquil atmosphere. They offer lots of yoga, massages and another great juice bar. I highly reccommend the pineapple mint smoothie or the passionfruit turmeric juice. But ya def can't go wrong. Also, the Harmony has a web of paths so you can just grab your juice and follow a path underneath the palms right out onto la playa.
bodhi tree yoga resort

Olo Alaia β˜•οΈΒ for my coffee lovers, not too many coffee shops here but the one that there is is so cool. It is a surf shop x coffee shop and also sells draft beer.

such good vibes here


Like Nantucket, Nosara is a small community which I love. We have been here one week now and already feel like we run into people we know on a daily basis. Everyone seems to frequent the same spots so you get to know faces really quickly. These are some of my top spots for a beer, margaritas, usually live music and definitely an appearance from Fritz. (Fritz is the local market owner but just wait til you see him start singing and dancing at open mic night) 🎢 🎢 🎢

  • TUESDAY NIGHTS; a big night in Nosara - the best way to do it is to either make a reservation at Beach Dog Cafe for dinner so you score a good table and have a yummy meal then can enjoy the open mic performances for the rest of the night. Or make a reservation for Taco Tuesday at El Chivo for the best crispy pork belly tacos at $2 each. And they supersize your margaritas so I was holding my grapefruit marg with two hands last night...πŸ˜‚ Get in early, then head right down to Beach Dog after!
  • FRIDAY NIGHTS; not sure if this is a known thing, seeing as there were only 8 people there including 4 of us, BUT, karaoke at the Salty Pelican is an option for your Friday night in Nosara. Fritz will def be there. They have some really cool coconut cocktails to sip on and prepare to get on the mic! πŸ˜‚ **there's really no judgement down here, so go for it**

If you just want a low-key night, places like 10Pies or Burgers and Beers are cool spots for some good food and drinks. Or La Luna during sunset because it's located directly on the beach. **DON'T MISS the Nosara sunsets though because they are unbelievable. Either rent a house up on the hill with amazing views, or walk out to the beach around 5pm because you will be in awe.

Part two of my Nosara guide will be "Where to stay" and "Activities in Nosara." For now, here are some more photos of this beautiful town. *I can't do an instagrammable spots on this guide because no joke everywhere is instagrammable. Hence why I am in heaven.

heading to la playa

jungle livin

the good life

v i e w s

coffee time

streets of nosara

runnin errands

this place ain't real

created by @emilymentes. to see more of my photography, visit emilyelisabeth.net or check out @emilyelisabethphotography on instagram. s/o to @init4thelongrunblog for some photography in here also.

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