Pieces of Why K.l going

The overall location is in a run down old town. I fell a little scared for the characters because they live in a place with gangs and alleyways.
This book takes place at her house and a church in New Orleans. I imagine her house to be kinda sketchy because she had run into a gang when she was walking to the church. I imaging the church to also be a little run down and not that nice because it had to be near Tia house cause she can just walk there. There is graffitied walls and alleyways also there was gangs
I think that this book takes place in modern day because church choirs is becoming bigger and more people is going them and also they still is those kid/people who are mean to everyone they can see or find. They also to to mess with everyone and try to get revenge on people.
I think that the climate is hot/warm because when the shooting had happened they went into the "basements" of the church and it was hot. They go into the basement a lot so it's not like it's just been there to be there. There still is classes being taken down there.
The population is breath crowed because Tia said that her house is really close to her neighbors and there's not really a yard in the houses that she live in/by. The people in Tias neighborhood are probably really poor cause there is all of the gangs and cleanliness of the area around her.
There was a some instruments there but Tias singing group doesn't use them. They use them for the classes in the basement.
The mood is predatory. It is like that' because of the gangs. The gangs always try to confront people. Also the car shootings. I think that is done by the gangs cause the gangs are big bullies.
This setting contributes to my book because the choir group is always in the lookout for something sketchy. I think that is it was a nicer place then they can get more work done because since they are always in th lookout they lose like 10 minutes of class everyday. It also makes the story keep going on because they talk about every thing in the story.


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