CU 1010 University Success Skills by Cole Gaston

Common Exhibits

Learning Objective #6

My main values were geared towards the moral side of things. This shows that my life is based around my ethics and personal pride. To properly harness this, I need to associate my education with morality and what’s right. Some short-term goals would be to finish this year strong. I need to do well ending this year and prepare to do even better next semester. Another short-term goal for me is to work my job well in the summer and make as much money as possible. I would like to do this because this year I consistently found myself short on money. If I prepare during the summer, it should be easier to ration my funds next year. A long-term goal for me is to buy my parents a very nice gift for all they have sacrificed for me. I would like to buy my parents something nice to show my appreciation but right now the price of that looks daunting. However if I begin saving little by little now, I will be able to reach my goal easier than expected.

Self-Designed Exhibit #1
Self-Designed Exhibit #2
Self-Designed Exhibit #3

The portfolio assignment was extremely helpful for me, even though it was tough while doing it. I was able to learn multiple new ways of studying (flash cards, office hours, self-testing, etc.) and ways to improve my every day performance.

First off, the common exhibits gave me a great overview of many helpful techniques to help me complete work on-time, efficiently, and of high quality. These common exhibits consisted of recognizing and revising self-talk, a time management self-study, a retrieval practice self-study, post-test analysis office hours, a professor interview, and value based goal setting. These experiments helped me revise my study routine and my general college routine all together.

The self-talk common exhibit made it apparent to me that I need to try to change my default setting from inner-defender to a more inner-guide. This will help me make better choices in the future with the aid of this guide.

Next, was the retrieval practice self-study. In this exhibit, I was tasked with creating a written time management plan for three days and sticking to it. During this exhibit I saw first-hand the difficulties of creating and following a plan consistently. However, the final result was more than beneficial. I will definitely continue creating written plans to help myself stay on track and completing tasks better.

The third common exhibit consisted of creating a new study plan including new techniques to try out. I decided to study for my second chemistry exam using self-testing, Quizlet, and flash cards. I’d say this was one of the simpler exhibits for sure, although it was very helpful as well.

The office hours visit involved me going to one of my professors’ office hours and analyzing a previous exam or assignment that was due in that same course. For this experiment I chose Chemistry, and the assignment I selected was my Exam 2. I expected to do okay on the test, but I did even better than expected. Given this, my exhibit still needed to be done. When I spoke with my professor it was obvious the mistakes that I made, which would help me prevent those same errors in the future.

The fifth common exhibit was based around a professor interview. This was very interesting because you don’t see the other side of professors in the everyday classroom. I learned about Professor Cox’s interests outside of Clemson University and her story behind becoming a Chemistry as well as some firsthand advice on how to be more successful in college.

The final exhibit included an in-class activity in which we filled out a chart that displayed our values as a person; what we put emphasis on as important in our lives as whole. For me, I saw that I was consistently putting most of my values on the moral side of things. I believe this displays me as a person well as I make lots of decisions based on what I grew up doing and what I feel is right.

In conclusion, the portfolio project was a success for me. I learned countless amounts of information and believe I can use it to set myself on a path to success.


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