My Bearded Dragon

This is my bearded dragon "Chroma" he is what you'd call a "fancy". This is picture was taken at 2/9/2016
This was taken at 4/28/2016 as seen on the bottom right corner. The bearded dragon behind "Chroma" is my brother's bearded dragon her name is "Aria".
"Aria" belongs to my brother she is a "french leather back". This is picture was also taken at 4/28/2016
This is Chroma laying on his tree limb soaking up his "sun". His sun is really just a UVB light it helps them get vitamin D for when they can't go outside and get some sunlight.
This is Chroma sitting/posing on my dad's scooter. This was taken at 11/19-20/2016
This is Aria and Chroma sitting outside soaking up some sunlight. Aria is in her harness, she gets nervous outside so we put her harness on her to help calm her down. Chroma doesn't really scared about anything plus he's a really laid back lizard so we don't have to put harness on him. This pictured was taken at 11/19-20/2016
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Gracie Hardwick

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