twelve years ago Virginia S.O.L.S. have realized the paper scan-trons because it makes students stress over making easy mistakes

All students have different learning types and should be given the opportunity to learn in environments, in which they feel most comfortable.

Some students learn and test better in small learning environments. This can help reduce stress, distractions, and test anxiety.

Computer tests clearly reduce the need of an actual pencil and the cost of the school supplies that scan-tron test require.

Schools are actively seeking for a system that will help students better understand the material in order to score higher percentages on test.

Apple has supplied schools in Rockingham county to make test taking easier

Schools today have an easier way to make a user friendly test by using apple products. for the past twelve years Rockingham schools have used these computers for their test and it has improved test scores.

Ann Holden should let Rocking-ham county schools keep their SOL test for the past twelve years: it is easy to maintain, stress free environment, students have different learning styles, and apple has helped them get a user friendly computer test.

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Drew Christophel


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