Junior Science Café projets diary

Siauliai 'Romuva' Gymnasium. Lithuania

MARCH (https://sciencemarch.eu/) shared the best innovative content and practices of Science Education for secondary schools. Our team highly evaluated German best practices in STEM education - project ‘Junior Science Café’. We used an idea, but activities were different in comparison with German practice. We started the project year 2016. Three teachers (IT and mathematics) invited 40 students to participate in the project.Project members: 10th grade students(16 years old).

Project Logo. The voting.

Meetings with experts (scientist, entrepreneur, programmer and representatives of other professions). Students were working in small groups. Each group of students (there were 10 project groups) picked a science topic that interests them. Students found experts (scientist, entrepreneur, programmer and representatives of other professions), organized meetings with group in school, which other students, teachers. Groups were responsible for every step of the organization, including marketing, communication and moderation of the event, etc. Knowledge gained in meetings with experts, students could interconnect with knowledge obtained in IT and mathematics lessons. Theory and practice became united learning process.


Students collected some statistic data: students achievement for STEM subjects, professions which will be popular in year 2020, opportunity to build up successful STEM career (an opportunity in Lithuania to learn STEM subjects)



STEAM Forum 'Junior Science Cofe’. Students organized event for their contemporaries (2th grade) and invited IT, mathematics teachers. Project members presented statistic data, organized quiz about mathematics, IT achievement and history, presented meetings with experts and took part in mathematical exercises.

‘The quests – our younger students’. Project members invited 9th grade students and demonstrated the importance of understand of mathematical formulas and benefits of IT innovations. Students used mobile phones, tablets, different innovative software during this event. Project members invited others students to the meetings with experts.

STEAM Intellectual Game IT’sTEAM’ – project members invited 11th and 12th grade students from our gymnasium. During event students organized video quiz. Video questions were prepared by 12th grade students, using STEAM subjects themes (IT, mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry and music). Students invited all STEM teachers and music teacher. During event project members presented their business plans and final results: mobile applications and mathematical rulers. Mobility applications and rulers were presented in school and in local conference.

The gifts for students:

Working in a small groups, 11th grade students participated in competition, where answered video questions and made presentations of their small group for others.

12th grade students prepared video questions, using STEM subjects themes (IT, mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry).

One video question prepared our eTwinning project partners’ students from Portugal. Students connected with students from Portugal by Skype.

In our event we included new theme art subject - music. Participants prepared question about music, played using Lithuanian folk musical instrument Kankles. Musical question was interconnected with mathematics.

Project participants invited all STEM teachers and music teacher to evaluate each group’s presentation.

At the start of the event students organized meeting with entrepreneur and developed business plans. The results of student ‘business’ were mobility applications and rulers. Students created applications with aimed to learn/teach STEAM subjects and rulers with mathematical formulas and geometric shapes. Project participants presented their works for other students. Best ruler and mobility applications became a gift for future students of our school.

Mobility applications:

Students created their E-shop in website.

Students were learning to write business plan


Students and teachers filled in the presented form and organized a quiz with Kahoot.

Online quiz with students from others school in Siauliai

Quiz was about science and scientists

Google Forms:


International STEM Symposium Teachers from Norway, Finland and Lithuania

Internationl conference in London

Local conference, Vilnius, Lithuania

Local conference. Siauliai.Lithuania

Students' opinions:

“I am really happy that I had an opportunity to participate in project STEM. We had a big chance to improve our communicational and organizational skills, also, we worked as a one big team and had a good time with our classmates“. – Ignė

“Participating in project is really great experience which will help me in the future. In my opinion, these activities encourage creativity; we found new friends and worked as a big team. We realised that exact sciences useful not only at school but also for everyday life“. – Milena

“Great event! I am really happy that all students were interested and actively participated in Project „IT‘s TEAM“. That support, of course, motivates us to look for new things and continue our project“. – Ieva.

More information you could read in project website, which created students

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