#ScotSkers June 11 - 23

Nebraska Soccer is embarking on a 12-day overseas journey to Scotland where they will face-off against the best teams in the Scottish Women’s Premier League, as well as the Scotland Under-19 National Team. Below you'll find a recap of their adventures brought to you by the players themselves!

It is a great opportunity for development in the area of team dynamics --- Head Coach John Walker
Day 1 - Savanah Uveges

Our travel to Scotland may not have been the most luxurious, but the long travel days cannot even compare to what’s ahead. Here we are in a new country with great friends with memories to make. This is a great chance to immerse ourselves into a new culture and gain an appreciation for the history of these lands. We definitely have Queens on our team excited to visit real castles! Most importantly, we have the opportunity to grow together and develop into stronger soccer players. It’s going to be a great journey, and we might request having the bag pipes at our home games this fall.

DAY 2 - Brenna Ochoa

Today we spent our day in Forfar, Scotland! In the afternoon we got to do some sight seeing at the North Sea, as well as the amazing Glamis Castle. Later in the night we played Forfar, Farmington and won 7-0. The team was so welcoming and kind, and hosted a dinner for us after the game. We ate a lot of pizza and got to try sausage rolls for the first time.

day 3 - Sinclaire Miramontez and Marissa Popoola

After a light training session, we ventured into the city of Glasgow for a day of exploring and shopping! The city was a mix of old rustic buildings and modern day architecture which made for excellent sight seeing and artsy photo ops. We got to know more of our new teammates outside of a soccer setting which really allows for us to connect and create stronger friendships. We also were able to watch the Scotland/Japan women’s world cup game while in Glasgow which was so cool to see their country supporting the women’s game during their first world cup. We spent the rest of the night relaxing and hanging out with each other in Stirling and preparing for our game against the u19 national team tomorrow. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the ScotSkers!

day 4 - Hannah McKinney, Makinzie Short, and Emma Marcus

Today we played the U19 Scotland National team and came away with a 1-0 result. They played well with the ball and were good competition. we have many things to work on while we’re here and that’s a main thing we want to take away from this trip. Being able to apply what we practice to the real game before season truly begins is extremely beneficial. It is also an amazing opportunity for the freshman to get to experience. Being in the flats facilitates the acclimation to the team for the freshman which will be a great advantage for the fall season. The international competition has been good so far and we look forward to the games to come! We also are 2 for 2 on getting called a foul throw in on the first throw in of the game, I guess we don’t know how to throw in Scottish!

day 5 - Aubrei Corder

Our day on the water in St. Andrews was full of team bonding and lots of paddling. We had tons of laughs and made plenty of memories. The team chemistry from the newest freshman to the oldest senior is seamless. This trip has been an amazing opportunity to build new friendships and reinforce existing ones. Experiencing life and taking adventures with teammates brings more unity once we step on the field together.

day 6 - Meg Brandt

We started the day off with a light training session on a field with a scenic view. After training, we spent the whole day visiting Edinburgh. It is an amazing city with breath taking views and architecture. Edinburgh is full of history and life, here are just a few of the things we enjoyed while visiting:

1.) The Edinburgh Castle. Walking through the castle, it felt like we were traveling back in time. The architecture was like no other. There were beautiful views of the city from the top of the castle.

2.) St. Giles Cathedral. The cathedral was filled with unique and very detailed stained glass that really grabbed your attention. It was awesome to think about all the history behind it as it was founded in 1124.

3.) Shopping stores (The Royal Mile). The city was full of traditional shopping stores where we able to purchase memorable souvenirs. Cashmere was very popular in Edinburgh!

4.) The Elephant House. We had some teammates who were very excited for this coffee shop due to its background. This was the destination in which J.K Rowling sat down to write Harry Potter.

5.) The Princes Botanical Garden. Enjoyed a gorgeous view of flowers surrounding a big fountain. This was located outside the Edinburgh Castle.

day 7 - Grace Brown, Ashley Zugay, and Natalie Cooke

Today was a relaxing day in preparation for our game against Glasgow City. We began by spending a couple hours walking around Stirling Castle. Not only did it have an amazing view that overlooked the city but the castle was also the most interactive of the ones we’ve visited so far. After visiting the castle we headed into the city for a much needed coffee run.

We then worked our way into the game against Glasgow City team and came out with a 2-1 win. Every game is a great opportunity for us to continue growing as a team and for our freshmen to have time to get comfortable with our system. We also had a chance to eat some pizza and talk with the other team after the game. It’s always fun to get to know an opponent after a hard fought game.

We’ve spent a lot of time as a team on this trip and it has been great for improving our team chemistry on and off the field. Playing internationally has been very fun and has given us many challenges to overcome...we’ll keep working on our throw-ins. Signing off!

day 8 - Hannah Young and Mayte Corral

Yesterday started off nicely with a light walkthrough followed by a few hours to relax before we hit the road for Glasgow. Our team loved the city of Glasgow so much we decided to spend a couple hours there before game 4! After walking around and having a pre game meal of our choice, we left for our game against Rangers. Our team battled hard through the pouring rain, leaving everything on the field and we came out with a win, 3-1. We have one more game to go, and we’re hoping we can end our tour with a record of 5-0.

Day 9 - Theresa Pujado & Allison Ulness

Today we made our way through the countryside of Scotland. We walked around the shops in Luss and looked at the waterfront of Loch Lomond. One of the highlights of the day was making friends with some hairy “coos”. We enjoyed taking in the view as we made our way to Dumbarton Castle. The castle was smaller compared to the other castles we saw but the view was beautiful. To end the day, we stopped in Coach Walker’s hometown and visited the Dumbarton Football Club. It was a relaxing day to bond with each other and admire the nature Scotland has to offer. Having played 4 games, we have grown as a team each day and are looking to keep improving into our last game of the trip. We loved getting to know our incoming class. This trip has allowed them to bond with all of us. We look to carry the success we’ve had on the field into our fall season. Being exposed to international competition has allowed us to witness a different style of play and become adaptable to adversity. As this trip is coming to a close, we’re thankful for all the opportunities to play and explore this unforgettable country.

Day 10 - Sarah Thrush

Friday was the last game day of our Scotland trip. After relaxing for the beginning of our day we headed to Glasgow for a chance to tour the Celtic stadium. We had the exciting opportunity to see the Celtic trophy case, their locker room and the stadium. We bought some Celtic merchandise and then travelled to Lennoxtown for our games, at the Celtic official training center. We played on a great field with an amazing view of the mountains. Our game against Celtic FC was very competitive. We performed well and were able to end the game with a win of 3-0. We are very thankful for the hospitality and friendliness from all the teams we played. We are also happy to have ended the trip with a clean slate of 5-0, making us more prepared for the fall season. Overall, this trip has been an experience of a lifetime that has allowed us to bond and grow on and off the field.

Day 11 - Kenzie Coons and Dakota Chan

For our final day in Scotland the team had the day off from training and we headed back into Edinburgh to get in some more sight seeing and shopping. It was a great experience for team bonding and getting to see more of the beautiful country of Scotland. A lot of the team got to hike up to Arthur’s seat where they found breathtaking views. Overall this trip helped us to grow a stronger bond with one another. This bonding experience was especially good for the incoming freshmen and has helped them to grow closer with the rest of the team. They are already fitting in perfectly. The team chemistry we built on this trip will carry into the fall and help us to have a successful season. Along with the team chemistry we also grew stronger as a team in the aspect of soccer. Getting to play international teams was a good challenge and helped us to work on things that will benefit us when season starts.

Day 12 - Olivia Brown and Kate Leachman

Traveling back was bitter sweet. Although we know we would miss the incredible beauty and culture Scotland had to offer, there really is no place like Nebraska. This was such a fulfilling trip for the team. We were able to immerse ourselves into the Scottish culture through learning more about their history and interacting with the people around us. This trip also gave the team a strong advantage in our upcoming season. Not only did we make leaps in our team play, but it was also a great opportunity to bond with each other. Meeting the freshman and having the chance to know them better allowed us all to welcome them in and begin new friendships. Having this bond along with the extra training time we had will make us a stronger team and allow us to go far this season. Playing against international competition was an exciting opportunity and let us see where we stood as a team. We are all very proud of each other to have a 5-0 record on our tour.

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