What is life? My origin story

The Early Days

My life was pretty odd for an Asian boy, there were lots of things I still don't know about my past as a child, but I will tell you what I do know. I had a brother who was 12 years older than me, mom, dad, and grandpa and grandma who came later to the US. My family used to live in Shanghai, the most populated city in the world. I don't really know how they got to America (it's because I don't asked, nor do I care). My parents were jewelry designers in NYC, they started from working with companies to establishing their own business "Pan Jewelry". Our home was located in East Meadow, but our business was located in Flushing. The business started from 1997 to about 2008. It wasn't because our business failed, it was my dad who found a new lover.

This is what I usually see in my family albums

The Aftermath

My mom had to find a new job immediately, what her major concern was being able to provide food and shelter for my family. She got a job at JFK working as inventory control, and she worked about 12-16 hours a day. During my late elementary school to early middle school days I never seen my that much. Even when she was home, she would be getting sleep to prepare next shift. During these events my brother in the military and couldn't do much to help. My mom grew more and more tired with working at JFK, but eventually we got back our office in flushing. My dad gave up on the jewelry business and gave back the office to my mom. This was about the time my brother returned and obtained licenses to start a new business for the office. We first began a street vendor business under the Main St bridge in Flushing, it was next a DVD vendor that sold mostly Asian movies and dramas. The products we sold were mostly second hand kitchenware such as places, mugs, and pots. My mom bought them from garage sales, and sold them for a higher value. The next businesses we made were for restaurant cleaning, and bug extermination services. To the restaurant cleaning services I used the Internet to contact restaurants for the service, and listed an advertisement in newspapers for the bug extermination service.

About my dad

After my parents broke up, he would come by after school and buy me anything I wanted. I would just enter the car without greeting him and I always requested him to buy a $50 Visa gift card from 7-eleven, then sent me home and say, "goodbye". Basically the only reason he comes is to see me, and he's been doing this from middle school till now(college). My dad now has another son(my half brother) I don't know his age or do I want to meet him. My dad is not married nor does he own any car or home they all belong to his girlfriend. Sometimes my dad would get a car from her when he's driving me home, he would his location because the girlfriend doesn't allow him to see me. Do I forgive my dad's actions? I don't. He left me when I was very young, and he left my brother when he wasn't mentally stable, to be able leave our family during that time was unforgivable. In my mind I just see him, he gives me money, and I call it a day, it's not a bother at all. Here's a quote to sum it up.

"Forgiving someone is easy, it's trusting them again that's hard"

PRIVACY to the public

Why am I sharing this to the public? It's to give others some knowledge and hope past mistakes don't get repeated. We mostly learn morals through movies or cartoons, but we don't often see actual life stories. I used to be the type of person that keeps their emotions locked up to themselves, but after many years my personality has changed. It's more interesting to share my stories to others and see if I have changed people's views from my past (especially my friends who read this).

Pringles and Porridge

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