Harn Museum of Art By: Anthony Carpin

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

This is an image of an abstract sculpture by Frank Stella created in the late 1950s which was on display at the Harn Museum of Art. I never really fully understood the beauty of abstract sculptures until I saw one for the first time in this museum. The massive size of the sculpture alone was quite impressive; to think Mr. Stella perfected every single inch of the masterpiece was quite amazing and made my appreciation for these types of artwork increase tremendously. Each of these abstract sculptures or paintings that Mr. Stella created was inspired by a city that hosted a Grand Prix, meaning that there was features of adrenaline and a vibrant racing experience incorporated within each aspect. The artwork made me feel as if you were experiencing the energy within these cities during the time of each race.

Design of the Museum

Here I am standing in the exhibit in which displays the "Chinese" Style Fancy Dress Costume, a work of art completed by Francis Kodow Coker. This entire exhibit was quite interesting as it allowed for the combination of the abstract values upheld within a certain culture. It was an exhibit that stood in the right wing of the building that was quite colorful, unique, and interesting, as this exhibit differs from the typical artwork of modern day society. The use of space was quite abstract in the sense that it was an open floorpan in which also held a plethora of information about each work of art within the exhibit. The exhibit made me feel enriched in the culture as I learned many interesting facts about the dress, traditions and rituals upheld within the Ghanaian society.

Art and Core Values

I am standing with two paintings, the one on the top was titled "Mercado de Tlacolula" (Tlacolula Market) and the one on the bottom was titled "Con todo Respeto (With All Respect) by the artists Arturo Bustos and Nahum Zenil respectively. The reason these pictures stood out to me was because each artist believes strongly and expresses himself through Catholicism, which is something I hold very close to my heart. I grew up in a catholic family and attended private catholic school since first grade. I believe that the aspect of religion, in this case catholicism, plays an important part in my life. The painting on the bottom represents family and the bond that is shared bewteen each member through the common aspect of religion. Catholicism in my family is something that keeps us together as well. For example, every Sunday my family and I would attend Sunday morning mass, and it brought us closer spiritually as a family which is something that was extremely important to me growing up. Here at UF, I attend mass every Sunday as it reminds me of my core values of family and religion that i experienced growing up back home in New York.

Art and the Good Life

Here I am standing with two Linocut works of art. The top is titled "Tintorera del mar" and the bottom is "Santa Maria" created by Lorenzo Homar and Rafael Tufino respectively. Here each artist described the power of music and how it connected to the society in which they each lived in. My idea of the good life revolves around the simplistic aspects such as music, literature, and being with friends. The idea of simplicity and serenity is a key theme in which the good life presents itself. My appreciation for this type of art, one that uses music to produce thought and wonder, acquaints to the simplicities of society. Music can make people feel different types of ways, emotions or even produce certain thoughts, all because someone is hearing a certain type of music. To me, that is important, the way to balance emotions and stress can derive from the type of music you listen to. These works of art impressed me as these artists related a complex society back to the simplistic form of serene music.

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