Lying Out Loud By: Kody keplinger

Book Published: April 25th, 2015 by Scholastic Press.

Background about author: Kody Keplinger was born in Owensboro, Ky. She is a 19 year old college student. Her career became big after she published her book called "The Duff." She writes books for both young adult and middles grade readers. If shes not writing, then she's posting about fashion on her social media.

Setting of Novel: New York, for Kody's friend Amy. The book refers a lot to Amy's house and their high school.

Sonny Ardmore: The main character that is a great liar, and who lies to buy her extra time or to stay out of trouble. She has conflict with her best friend Amy and Ryder a boy that she has a crush on.

Amy Rush: Sonny's best friend. Amy has a "better" life than Sonny. She is the brother of Wesley Rush from the novel "The Duff." Amy is always helping out Sonny by letting her use her phone, computer, letting her stay the night for he past month. Amy has a conflict with Sonny as the story gets deeper into the overall lie.

Ryder Cross: Moved from DC. Has a crush on Amy. He thinks he is talking to Amy but really it's Sonny behind the screen. Ryder and Sonny have a lot in common but he believes he is talking with Amy. Ryder has a conflict with Sonny because they always get into arguments in class.

Summary of Novel: Sonny Ardmore is a high school senior and is pretty good at lying and coming up with excuses. She uses many lies to try and control her out-of-control life. She is secretly staying the night at her best friend Amy's house because Sonny's own mother kicked out her out. Sonny gets into an online conversation with this kid named Ryder, who has a crush on Amy, and finds herself caught up in one too many lies.

Writing style: I like the set up of the book and how the book is organized. I don't like how the book jumps around on the conversations.

About the story: I like the story line. It makes sense.

Theme: A companion to "The Duff". Kody is sending a message to the readers about life. You don't always have to lie to get yourself out of trouble.

Point of view: Man v. Society

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