Ethan Howell


I asked my mom if we could go to the National Park in Chaco and she said “yes.” And I was excited for the summer to go. The summer came and we packed up and my mom told me the events we would be doing. We would first go on a tour so we know where to go, then go hiking, and last Night sky program. We went on tour and we went around the park they showed us these broken walls that were made out of rocks and it looked interesting to me. They told us about the other events we could do but my family wanted to stay with the ones we were doing.

Day-02 I woke up and I got my clothes and shoes on. I woke up my mom and she made breakfast. I sat down and wait and it smelt so good. We ate then my mom said “you got everything ready?” And I said “Yep!” Then we went out of apartment and headed to go hiking. We walked and walked. Later on we decided to take a break and drink some water. We started to walk again. My mom and I were talking about how hot it was outside and we think we should just hear back because it was far up. Then we thought to ourselves then we thought we should keep going. Half an hour later we finally made it. It took us 50 minutes. The. we sat for awhile drinking water. We looked at the view for awhile then decided to head back down and waited tomorrow.


My mom and I got our clothes on and ate breakfast. We went on a walk because we had to wait for it to turn dark. I can't believe it was our last day here. It is really fun here. We went back to the hotel and ate lunch. I asked my mom if we could find something else to do she said “Lets just watch movies until night” I agreed and we watched movies. It was late and we went to the Night Sky Program. We looked at the stars and I saw the Big Dipper and Little Dipper there. I realized looking at stars were kinda fun. We went back home after an hour and 25 minutes. We ate dinner and made popcorn and watched 1 more movie. Then we went to bed. We woke up and we had to go home. I had so much fun at Chaco. I hope we can come back.

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