The Honk and Holler Opening Soon By: Billie Letts

The Genre of this book is fiction.
Billie Letts was born May 30,1938 and died August 2, 2014. She wrote 4 novels in her lifetime. She received a Walker Percy Award in 1994, a Oklahoma Book Award received in 1996, The Oprah's Book Club awarded her "Best Novel" nominee.
The setting is at the restaurant most of the book.The time was near Christmas time in 1985.
Caney's restaurant was once very busy but kinda died out. No one hardly came in especially in the middle of December. One day a woman came into the restaurant by the name of Vena, a "Crow woman" on a quest, and Bui Khanh, a Vietnamese refugee looking for his home. Vena changes everybody lives by showing not only the power of love but the healing powers of community.
Caney Paxton is the owner of the cafe but he spends his days in a wheel chair. Molly O isa waitress but thought of as Caney's "surrogate" mother. Vena Takes Horse is a homeless crow woman but with great skills as a revenue-garnering carhop. Bui Khanh is also homeless but is a Vietnamese refugee and he becomes the cafe's handyman.
The theme of the story is even though someone is homeless or a bit different, they can also change people. They still have great love for people and make a difference. Sometimes they can show it with words of wisdom.
A Problem that Caney faces is that he fears for his restaurant. he hardly gets customers anymore. he wanted the biggest brightest open sign around. he needed a way to draw customers in. the problem is solved when two homeless people walk in and he gives them a chance to help him out. vena shares her wisdom with many people and something about her draws people in.
“I don’t care what you’ve done. I didn’t know the person you were… I only know who you are now.” (ch.25) this shows us that we do not need to be so quick to judge and give people chances. "Those men had given up parts of their bodies, pieces of their minds, to kill an enemy they couldn’t see, to save friends they couldn’t forget, to take a piece of ground they couldn’t own.” this shows us how important friendship is and love.
Refugee - someone that is forced to leave their country. Taunt- insulting someone with out of the way comments. Graffiti- "art" painted illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. Methodist- a type of religion. Jagged- having rough or sharp edges.
In my opinion this book is a great book. It involves humor along with a great message. This book is comical, inspiring, and amazing. I would recommend this book because it will change your views on people you don't think can make a difference.
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