Cities and Trade By: David

Fact 1: William Goyens-a wealthy blacksmith and wealthy in other businesses. A mixed black and white person. He was a blacksmith, wagon maker, and innkeeper.

Fact 2: barter-trade.

Fact 3: sawmills-machines used to cut wood into useable peaces.

Fact 4: exports-items sold in other places.

Fact 5: imports-items brought from other regions.

Fact 6: there are few settlements in places like San Anotonio, Goliad, and Nacogdoches.

Fact 7: the oldest and largest settlement in Texas in San Antonio.

Fact 8: Nacogdoches had about 1,000 people including Tejanos, Anglo, and slaves.

Fact 9: since most people didn't have much money, they conducted themselves through barter.

Fact 10: by the 1830s, they produced about $500,000 worth of exports.

San Antonio back in the day.......
William Goyens.......


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