Chain of Lakes Bike Ride 2019 UFVA Conference

Wednesday, July 31, 6PM, Erik’s Bikes, 1312 4th Street SE

Join other UFVA attendees for a leisurely, fun bike ride around Minneapolis' Chain of Lakes on Wednesday evening.

No one is dropped!

The Route

The route is about 22 miles of flat terrain, mapped out here

Bicycle Rental

You are encouraged to reserve a rental bicycle in advance!

The bicycle rental shop closest to Augsburg is Erik’s Bikes, which is 1.4 miles away from campus just on the other side of the Mississippi and, after rental bike pickup, involves a 6.1 mile pedal to the starting point, which is the second bike rental option, Wheel Fun Rentals.

  • Erik’s Bikes,  1312 4th Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 (612) 617-8002
  • Wheel Fun Rentals, 3000 E. Calhoun Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (612) 823-5765

Anticipated Timeline

Erik’s Bikes renter folks will meet there at 6pm and depart for the starting point by 6:15pm. Jen Proctor and Jennifer Hardacker have reserved bikes at Erik’s and will pedal with everyone the 6 miles over to the starting point.

Wheel Fun Rentals folks will meet there (4.5 miles from campus) at 6:15pm and stay put until the crew rolling over from Erik’s Bikes and campus arrive.

Anyone who already has a bike on campus can roll 4.5 miles to the Wheel Fun Rentals starting point with Niklas Vollmer, who will have a travel bike on campus.

The goal is for all to be ready to roll out at 6:45pm from Wheel Fun Rentals.

We will stop to eat dinner somewhere along the route.


For more details or to confirm your participation, contact:

Niklas Vollmer/niklas@gsu.edu/770-851-3992 (cell)

Jennifer Hardacker/jenhardacker@pacificu.edu/503-536-3988 (cell)


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