Admissions And Records By Frankie and Charles

The Purpose

The office of Admissions and records is primarily responsible for determining student eligibility for admission and managing outflow of graduating students.

Did you know that over 30,000 students applied last fall

For any prospective student, the Admissions and Records office is a great first stop. For any information regarding the school, all your questions can be answered by those in Admissions and Records.

Jessica Wagoner

Director of admissions

Incoming or Interested Students

  • All applications varying from FTF, transfers, international, and graduate programs are handled by this office.
  • All transcripts are sent to this office and reviewed for admission


Admissions and Record handle all requirements that are needed for enrollment, they are the ones to comb through thousands of applicants and choose who get accepted. The offices of Admissions and Records also handle all academic regulations, which are the general rules for the classes offered by the school.

Other Uses for Incoming students

  • Housing and dorming
  • Early start, 60+, and Veteran's program
  • Any academic appeals
  • Placement exams
out of those 30000 that applied only 14000 applicants were accepted

For Current Students

I'm already enrolled at CSUF, why bother with Admissions and Records anymore. You might think that the admissions and records offices have nothing beneficial to offer you anymore now that you've been accepted into CSUF. There are actually many services that can help you during your time at school.

Important uses

  • All deadlines post including registration days, drop by dates, and final examination are linked on the webpage for admissions and records
  • Transcripts and application for graduation
  • Go fully online
  • Apply for a stop out or take a leave of absence

Leave of Absence

Things don't alway go as planned when it comes to your education and maybe you need time off from school to deal with matters in your personal life that will take longer than just one semester. By visiting admissions and records you can find out more and made a decision to take a leave of absence. Obviously you will need a well justified reason and after submitting all the right paperwork you're able to not attend school for a period of time.

Preferred First Name

Are you tired of your professors mispronouncing your name or do you have a nickname that you would like to go by. Stop by the office and talk to one of the advisors about changing your name. After doing so your name change will be reflected on the class rosters that professors are given when classes begin. Stop in this semester and by next fall, all your professors will now know you by your preferred first name.

Contact Information

  • Location: Langsdorf Hall Room 114
  • Hours: M-F 8am-5pm
  • Email:
  • Phone: (657) 278-7788
  • Mail: Cal State Fullerton Admissions and Records PO Box 6900

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