#arzylyzenan UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund campaign on promoting the value of women and girls (#Shecounts)

There is a woman or a girl in a life of every man who is special. Fathers value their daughters, husbands admire their wives, brothers appreciate their sisters.
UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund invites you to join a campaign #Arzylyzenan (#Shecounts) to generate sentiment that there is pride in having girls in the family and that they are valuable.

Here's what fathers, husbands and brothers say about special women in their lives:

"My daughters and wife are priceless," Dr. Serdar Nurmedov
"My daughter is special, because she's smart, educated and successful. I am so proud," - Atajan Ovezov
"My wife is a journalist. Her work is equally important and meaningful. My wife inspires me for greater things and supports in all of my endeavors. And my daughter who is yet to turn 1 brings happiness to my life just with a smile. They inspire me to live," Maksat Geldiyev
"My daughter Jennet is priceless, because she's confident and reaches her goals with much diligence and hard work. I am sure that she'll build a bright future and I will always be near to support and help her," Esen Berdiyev.
"My daughter is priceless and her life is her own to decide," - Begmyrat Gurbangeldiyev
"My sister is an energizer in our family. For me, she's a small bright star!" Dovlet Atakishiyev
" My wife and daughter are the nature's masterpiece," Dovlet Shadurdyev
"My daughter is my colleague and her work is equally important."
"My wife is a beacon of joy," Ibragim Guseynov
"My sister is my best friend. I learn so much from her!" Ata Atajanov
"My three daughters are priceless, and they're such a joy to our family," Meylis Hommatberdiyev
"My daughter is special and priceless," Bayram Nurmammedow
"My daughter's well-being is our society's well-being," Artur Seynyanz
"My daughter is such a joy," Ashyrgeldi Yazmammedov
"My sisters are priceless," Dovran Shammyev
"My daughter is priceless, and she's a cherished part of our family," Hoshgeldi Annageldiyev
"My daughters are priceless because they are the backbone of our family," Suhan Tuyliyev
"My wife is priceless because a healthy parenting starts with love. Foundation of our family is loving and respecting my wife," MaRo

UNFPA is proud to join the fathers, brothers and husbands in Turkmenistan in promoting the value and social worth of women and girls in our families.

Today, it is widely recognized that improving women’s status and advancing their rights yields benefits for our families, communities and whole societies.

From 1 - 11 July, UNFPA will promote the #arzylyzenan campaign in social media and invites you to show your support! Already posted a photo? Challenge a friend!


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