Brampton 2041 by: Kanak and Simran


  • Plan for affordable and accessible housing options
  • Protect employment lands
  • Attract a university; have their own (ex. “University Of Brampton”)
  • Economic Development Master Plan
  • Promote economic growth in technology, health and life sciences sectors
  • Strategy for youth employment, entrepreneurship and retention
  • Cultural Heritage Master Plan
  • Preserve and protect natural and heritage environments with balanced, responsible planning.

Environmental Master Plan; Brampton Grow Green is the city's first Environmental Master Plan. It is an environmental sustainability plan that describes important directions, actions that will improve the environmental qualities of Brampton’s built and natural landscapes. The Grow Green Plan is also built to engage, involve and support residents, businesses, seniors, environmental groups, community associations, schools, students, professional organizations to achieve a healthy, livable city.



They plan on having specific strategies to insure them of good growth; Good Government, Move and Connect, Smart Growth, and Strong Communities.

Waste Management

How much waste?

On average, Canadians produce over 34 million tonnes of waste and three quarters of that ends up in landfills or incinerators. In 2010, millions of tonnes of non-hazardous residential and non-residential waste was sent to disposal. This waste is expensive to manage ($2.9 billion annually).

In 2010, local governments Canada-wide spent an average of $15 per person on the operation of recycling facilities, and $2 per person on the operation of organics processing facilities.

Illegal Garbage Disposal

Items that are illegally dumped include: household garbage, business trash, construction and demolition materials, appliances, furniture, tires, landscaping and yard waste, chemical and medical waste.

Problems involving waste management?

Canada has a poor record on waste management according to a "Conference board of Canada report" ranking 17 out of 17 in an international ranking of OCED countries.

There are some serious challenges that involve waste management in Canada, there was an article called "State of Waste Management in Canada" released by the Canadian council of Ministers of the Environment.

This article is a review of waste management policies, waste reduction initiatives, waste disposal practices across the country, energy from waste initiatives, waste and diversion programs, best management practices, reduction and diversion in Canada, barriers and opportunities for waste prevention, and identifying trends.

Smart Growth Taxes

Property taxes are gathered twice a year by an Interim and Final Notice. The Interim billing reflects taxes due for the first six months of the year billed with three instalment due dates. The Final billing mirrors taxes that have been due for the last six months of the year, also with three installment due dates.

Typically, each bill requires payment in three following instalments; the Interim Bills are usually sent in January with payments due in February/March/April and Final Bills are typically sent out in June with instalments due in July/August/September; each instalment (payment) covers two months of taxes.

  • Taxes are generally calculated by multiplying the tax rate by the determined value of the property.
  • The City collects and distributes tax dollars on behalf of the Region of Peel and the School Boards however, the City does not collect their rates.
  • The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) determines the assessment value of a property. Homes are assessed, based on a number of factors including: lot size, square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, finished basements, fireplaces, etc.



Brampton is currently the 9th largest city in Canada, It's the 4th city in Ontario and 3rd largest in the Greatest Toronto Area (GTA). In 2016, the estimated population is around 600,000 people. The need for increased transit services and efficient travelling options for citizens is crucial for sustainable growth in Brampton.


A ton of citizens work outside of Brampton and need more transportation services.

As the city grows, there will be need to provide a lot more transportation services to residents and employees, to ensure that the transit infrastructure can support the emerging travel patterns and increase transits market share.


Go Transit Services Expansion

- GO Transit plays a key role in boundaries between municipalities and regions, making it an important factor in growth of the city.

- GO Transit services need to be expanded so that so that there are more facilities throughout the city helping more people who work outside of the city get around more efficiently

- The North East side and North Side of Brampton requires more transit services as there is estate residential, residence industrial and residence

Working Towards Accomplishing Plans

Brampton's Transit's current business plan includes a plan to purchase buses for service expansion and replacement until the year 2017. This has articulated buses for the ZUM system and 40-foot buses for conventional service growth. Also, 30-foot buses are currently being considered for the service of Mt. Pleasant development. These buses will carry a lot more people because of extreme population growth by 2041. From 2018 to 2041 there will there will be a need for continued expansion to accommodate the forecast transit system and ridership growth.


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