KOTLIN A Programmer's Delight

After Google announced Android’s first-class support for Kotlin, its popularity has gained much momentum. Kotlin, first announced in July 2011, is a statically typed programming language developed by JetBrains, the same intellectuals who created IntelliJ.

Google has announced many such events before then why is Kotlin getting such attention specifically?

This question can be answered only when we take a look at some of the many wonderful features that Kotlin has to offer.

Kotlin is an open source language due to which it is automatically ranked in the top charts. Further, Kotlin is more human-readable than other languages and is more concise. It drastically reduces the amount of boilerplate code i.e. long series of codes are not required to do minimal jobs in Kotlin.

One of the most important features of Kotlin that has caught the eyes of many is that it ensures Null Safety. Kotlin protects you from compiling null referencing codes, popularly known as The Billion Dollar Mistake; thereby making the entire process of coding more efficient and faster.

The effortless interoperability between Kotlin and Java is another feature that has attracted the attention of the Java developers. Kotlin handles the shortcomings of Java and both the languages being same at the base level, adding support for Kotlin also improvises the working of Java.

Moreover, Kotlin is a tool-friendly language as it can be run on any Java IDE or build from the command line. It does not require certain specific compilers only to run. Furthermore, Kotlin does not impose any runtime overhead. Its standard library does not have any garbage value.

Kotlin is definitely winning at the programming industry all thanks to its unique features which make it a one-of-a-kind programming language.


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