Emergency Contraception By Eddie and elIzabeth

The emergency contraception pills works by taking it the morning after which is why it is known as the morning after pill.

It's not so complecated, it's just one pill you take within 72 hours.

It is mostly used when forgetting to use protection or when the condom breaks accidentally.

The cost of buying the Plan B One-Step can range from $35 and $60 depending on the type you get.

The percentage rate of this method is 85-90% effective when used within 72 hours.

It's just one pill that you take within 72 hours and it's that simple.

The advantage of this method is it prevents pregnancy after unprotected sex.

The disadvantage of the method is you get headaches and your weight changes.

Here is a video explaining what Emergency Contraception does and how it works.

SOURCES: ec.princeton.edu, arph.org, thenationalcampain.org


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