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Facts about the crusades

christians facts during the crusades

  • the reason they were fighting for jerusalem is because that where jesus was crucified
  • Tens of thousands of people (both soldiers and civilians) were killed in the conquest of Jerusalem. The Crusaders themselves suffered; historians estimate that only one in 20 survived to even reach the Holy Land. It is estimated that 1.7 million people died in total
  • They Were the ones who went over the wall and started attacking then started yanking the wall down by hand
  • they started the religion first in julsam
  • there religion has expand and branched at more the muslim beliefs like christianity catholic, orthodox and baptist

In the modern word the crusades showed people that they can pick a religion then being forced to follow a certain religion based on where u live. Another effect is that when the Christians and the Muslims fought it made us own julsam for a while but the Muslim took it back and now it is there holy land but it still is where Jesus was born

fact about muslims during the crusades

  • the reason they were fighting for it is cause that were there religious leader came down to
  • they built a wall around jerusalem but the christians took it down with rope and men
  • the did not fight on the ground they fought on the wall
  • they believe that mohammed got a vision from god and he was just a marchon that made up his religion from all the one he saw like judaism and christianity


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