Holiday Spirit Remains High at The Sloan House During The Covid-19 Pandemic By: Hunter Sloan

Although the state of Pa. has gone on another lockdown, and numbers of COVID-19 continue to climb, this hasn't stopped the Sloan family from celebrating the holidays. Just by driving by their house, it is quite clear they love Christmas. Lights are strung, inflatables are swinging in the wind, and Christmas wreaths are hanged in the windows. On the inside one is met with many Christmas trees, lights, and gingerbread houses. There is surely no shortage of Christmas cheer at the Sloan house.

The Sloan family loves decorating the house, however, there is a more personal reason why this holiday means so much to them. On Christmas Eve of 2001, Dr. Howard Sloan died from stage four non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. Dr. Howard Sloan loved Christmas. His house was the main attraction in the development. He loved putting lights on all the trees outside and putting up giant inflatables to welcome visitors. While battling with stage four cancer, Dr. Sloan still managed to put up all lights and inflatables outside of his house. To remember Dr. Sloan, the Sloan family decorates the outside of their house with inflatables and lights. They do this each year in remembrance of Dr. Sloan.

A Christmas themed merry go round sits on a built-in bookshelf. Photo by Hunter Sloan '23

This video shows a christmas arrangement on a countertop. Video was taken by Hunter Sloan '23

Pictures of gingerbread houses that were just decorated. Photo by Hunter Sloan '23
Photos of the holiday cheer outside the Sloan house. Photo by Hunter Sloan '23

This video shows the Sloan's decorations outside of their house. Video by Hunter Sloan '23

Christmas trees filled with ornaments and bright lights. Photo by Hunter Sloan '23
Ornaments and light hanging from the Christmas trees. Photo by Hunter Sloan '23
More Christmas decorations stand on top of bookshelf. Photo by Hunter Sloan '23
Image of the living room decorations. Photo by Hunter Sloan '23

Although the pandemic continues to rage on, this hasn't hindered the Sloan family from celebrating the holidays. Decorations, lights, and inflatables fill the inside and outside of the Sloan household. It is quite clear that the Sloan family won't let COVID-19 get in their way of celebrating the holidays.