Welcome to ENG 102 a message from Mr Ish

I'm Mr Ish

And this is the best photo I could find on short notice.

That cute thing I'm holding is named Lily, and she's about to turn 5!

During these next several weeks, I'm going to be your guide throughout this course.

I'll be your teacher

Your evaluator

Your cheerleader

And your friend

But don't take your role as a student lightly

My job isn't to teach you anything.

My job is to create an environment in which you can learn.

Learning requires your participation.

If you aren't an active participant, I can't teach you anything.

But don't worry

I teach a pretty fun class.

Learning should be fun.

If it hasn't been fun for you in the past, I apologize on behalf of every boring teacher you've ever had.

Don't take my word for it that this will be a great semester.

Here are some anonymous evaluations from my past students

Great teacher who was very helpful.
He is amazing.
Improves you as a writer. Improves you as a presenter.
EXCELLENT teaching and this class is VERY applicable to life (unlike most other classes).
I felt his teaching was perfect.
I have a good teacher who actually cares.
The teacher is amazing at connecting one-on-one with all students and aiding based on our needs.

And my absolute, all-time favorite review ever...

He is hip with the students.

Are you wondering how you can succeed this semester?

Maybe you've always had trouble with writing classes.

Maybe you just don't feel like you're organized enough to make it.

Maybe you've never taken a college class before and you have no idea what to expect.

The most important thing you can do is to actually WANT to learn.

If you don't want to learn, I can't teach you a thing.

And by want to learn, I don't mean want to get good grades.

I mean want to grow...

as a writer

as a speaker

as a learner

and as a person

Because without all that stuff, good grades are empty.

But on a more practical note...

Here's a pretty realistic video about how to get a butt load of work done. Every day.

And here are some responses from my past students in response to the question

What advice would you give students who will be taking this course?

Start your assignments early to get them done.
Ask questions.
Do not skip over any little homework assignments or exit tickets... they help.
Revise as much as possible!
Do not procrastinate. Always stay on top of the work. Always ask questions on topics you do not understand.
Stay focused. It is easy to let yourself lag behind... Then you find yourself playing catch up to get back on task.
Do the work. Ask questions.
Manage your time wisely.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes because Mr Ish will always be more than happy to help you out!
For the love of all things holy, do not procrastinate.

So, I hope I've convinced you that I want to see you succeed in this course.

That I want you to be a good writer, a good learner, and a good person.

And that I'll do whatever is in my power to help you achieve these goals.

If you've never heard it before from anyone else (and even if you have), I want you to hear it from me...

I believe in you

Now go forth, and be good writers.

Created By
Ish Stabosz


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