Garinger what garinger needs

First thing Garinger needs is more freedom like letting students go out to buy their food. Some things people just do not eat the food served by the cafeteria. The way we can compromise is making a volunteer teacher or staff to get off of campus to get food. people like to go and have fun while at lunch that is a reason students like to get off campus to get food. plus he can hang with friends while getting lunch.

Garinger needs a class that treats students like adults for example if you create a class that makes student make houses so they can get experience in the real world. The students need to know what the real world has in stored for them. This class can show how the real world works and find ways they can avoid the conflict , and the teachers will be able to show the student how to survive in the world and how expensive things are actually are and to show important education is in the world.

Garinger needs to change the security to the bathroom policy we need to be treated more like adults. so we should be able to go to the bathrooms by ourselves if you do not trust us you should test us by putting security by he door and keep watch on us. if there is not a group of fights any type for a month then you should all off the security but if they do not we can continue the with the current thing .


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