Utopian Project Supreme

The Supreme Seal

When you enter this community you must live by, "sit back and relax." Our Utopia is to live life at it's fullest. No need to work or have an education. You will a variety of doing whatever you want at the mountains, city, or beach. When you set foot into Supreme, you will find that it is split up into three main parts. there is the mountainous region where you can enjoy the winter sports that you have been dreading to do all summer long. Then there is the City. The City is a huge city where you can go to amazing delicious cuisines. Also there are breathtaking skyscrapers where you could own an apartment on the top floor. Then there is a beach that is next to The City. It has nice smooth sand and crystal blue water. There you can swim or do snorkleling or anything you would wish to do at he beach.

There are 10 major rules that can't be broken or else you will have to leave our Utopia. 1. Take a daily injection that cancels all criminal thoughts or suicide. 2. Daily injection of not having bad or unequal thoughts of other people. 3. If caught skipping daily injections, then will be sent to the Utopia of lesser value. 4. Cannot leave the Utopia without permission and will have a background check. 5. Transportation will be by trains or bicycles for clean air and no pollution. 6. Can't kill any wildlife. 7. Can have the freedom of religion. 8. Must always have your ID with you for transportation and getting food purposes. 9. Must be trained before any activity(surfing, skiing etc.) 10. Must take care of body (daily exercise, daily injection fore health problems). These are also the requirements into being a citizen in the Utopia Supreme.

An average everyday schedule in Supreme is you wake up around 10 o'clock. Then you would have a nice healthy breakfast to start off your day, which would end around 10:30. Then you would go to the your local gym. This is so you are in shape and are healthy. Then you would go to the beach to go swimming with friends or just by yourself if you want to which would all end around 1:30. Next, you would have lunch that would end around 2:00. After that you would go skiing that would end around 5:00. This all works out perfectly because then you will get to hangout with your friends for about 2 hours. Dinner would be next, and would end around 8:00. Then you would usually do whatever, for example watch a movie or whatever you want. Then the realistic time everyone goes to bed is at 11:00.

Supreme will be located on a tropical island with mountains. But the mountains will be climate controlled and will have snow peaks. Then the beach will be nice and warm with a city in the middle.

Now you might be wondering what type of government we have. The utopia Supreme has a democracy. This isn't so there are any revolts with any of the newly passed laws. This also is so the people have a say in our Utopian government

Some people may ask why should we come to Supreme? Well Supreme will make you lay back and relax. This is an education and work free community. Where you can basically live your life any way you want. But you could also just come here for a vacation to get yourself out of the real world. So Supreme will ease your life, so come on down to our Utopia.

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