College & Career Events Weekly Newsletter Issue 20- 3/5/21

Career Spotlight Article:

From Cleaning Lady To Director For NASA, This Latina Immigrant Just Put A Rover On Mars

"Every single thing that I do, I'm representing my country, my culture, my heritage, my people, and I have to give my best every single time." - Diana Trujillo, NASA Flight Director
Photos from NASA Rover, Perseverance, on Mars - view looking at night sky

Diana Trujillo, a Colombian-born engineer worked on the team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab that designed the Perseverance rover's robotic arm. Over the next two years, the Perseverance will use that arm to collect rock samples, which will then be returned to Earth by as early as 2031 and analyze for signs of microbial life that may have existed in the Red Planet billions of years ago.

Trulillo also hosted the NASA's first Spanish-language planetary landing show.

May she inspire and guide many young latinos and latinas into space!

Career Guest Speaker:


Wednesday, March 10, 1-1:30pm


Executive Director, Public Policy & Community Engagement Verizon

Azmeena Hasham leads Verizon’s Public Policy and Community Engagement program in Western Washington, where she works to champion policies to enrich lives and build the digital future. She actively advocates for 5G and Connected Communities, to bridge the gap for underserved communities and promote innovation. Azmeena aspires to build deeper relationships with communities across Washington in order to implement Verizon’s corporate social responsibility goals in the areas of digital inclusion and STEM education, human prosperity and climate protection, and ensure that Verizon employees have meaningful volunteer opportunities to give back and strengthen their community.

JAWA Lunch With Leaders brings together Washington state leaders and K-12 students in a no-cost, virtual format to inspire students and prepare them for a stronger tomorrow! Leaders share their stories and discuss the skills and qualities necessary to succeed in their field and give advice on how to plan for a rewarding future.


February 10, 2021 - 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Open Q & A Session with College Guidance Specialist Mike Brown, and CTE Community Engagement Manager, Ana Tuiaea-Ruud

Ask questions related to college and career exploration! We are here to help.


Meeting ID: 862 6747 7929

Passcode: 618215


March 24, 2021 - 3:00 PM


Kennewick Fire Department, Battalion Chief

Come listen to Battalion Chief Kreutz share his career journey as a paramedic and fire fighter and how to get started in this industry.

Kennewick Fire Department Battalion Chief, Tod Kreutz, is the shift commander for A-Shift and reports directly to the Deputy Chief of Operations. Kreutz and his shift are responsible for department issued uniforms, stations and facilities as well as logistical supplies.

Kreutz began his firefighting career with the Kennewick Fire Department in 1992. Kreutz was a Paramedic for 14 years, served with Columbia Basin Dive Rescue and has served on many committees and groups in our region such as Technical Rescue Team Liaison, CAD Advisory group, Regional Communications group and a member of the Columbia Basin College Paramedic Advisory Committee.

Kreutz earned an Associate’s degree in Fire Science from Columbia Basin College. He has also held numerous positions in the Plans and Operations sections for Type 3 and Type 2 Incident Management Teams. Kreutz is also an instructor for the CBC Fire Science program, teaching Strategy and Tactics.


Meeting ID: 872 1499 2982

Passcode: 774486


Future Saint Friday

Join us for our Virtual Future Saint Friday Program on March 19 for incoming students!

You'll learn more about our beautiful campus, student activities, and exceptional educational experiences in and out of the classroom.


• A live digital campus tour,

• An Admission and Financial Aid overview,

• An optional Q&A with faculty, staff, and students.

We look forward to seeing you! Please register online or by calling (406) 447-4384.

Like all of our peers across the country, Carroll College is working hard to help students achieve their goals and keep our communities safe in light of COVID-19. Therefore, this event will be hosted virtually.

Are you a high school student interested in learning about the stock market and personal stock investing?

Junior Achievement -Take Stock In Your Future Virtual Spring Break Camp

April 6-7, 2021

We’re inviting you to take part in this no-cost, 2-day series of virtual workshops where you will learn about the stock market and trading from finance industry professionals, and gain access to a multi-week app simulation where you can apply you knowledge to the actual stock market — top performers of the simulation will receive prizes! Camp time commitment: 2-4pm both days

The workshop programming is based off of 3 sessions from the JA Take Stock In Your Future program with several additional self-guided resources for deeper learning.

After the workshops, students will get access to a brand new, game-based app providing users with a similar experience to real-world stock trading apps. Starting with $25,000 in virtual funds, students can compete with their classmates to build the largest portfolio. A leaderboard built into the app helps fuel this friendly competition! You will also have the option to meet with investment industry mentor groups for 4 weeks to analyze, strategize, and process how your simulation portfolio is performing to build long-term knowledge and habits around effectively researching market trends and engaging with the stock market.


The University for Creative Careers

We saved you a seat!

(Note: Times below listed in Eastern Standard time)

Workshop: From Louis XIV to Louis Vuitton: A History of French Fashion

Friday, March 12, 10 a.m. ET


SCAD fashion historian Carmela Spinelli will guide students through the fascinating world of French fashion. Students will learn how fashion has been influenced by French culture, politics, socioeconomic station, trade and war. They will understand the fashion of yesterday to craft the best fashion of tomorrow. Students will design a logo using their initials to represent a brand. Thinking of how many logos have survived decades, even centuries of change, students will create their own logo, hand drawn or digital.

Industrial design workshop

Friday, March 12, 12 p.m. ET


Join SCAD industrial design chair Cesar Pieri for this workshop exploring the creative design process, from hand sketches to Photoshop renders. Students interested in design, drawing and STEM-related fields will learn the design process.

Workshop: Creative Entrepreneurship

Friday, March 12, 1 p.m. ET


Creative innovators are shaping the world. In this workshop, students will explore how creative problem solving can lead to a viable business. SCAD business professor Jody Buelterman will guide students through the startup process and explore everything from product ideation and experimentation through managing a team and resources. Students interested in business and entrepreneurship will gain some helpful tips.

Workshop: Shape Your Story

Friday, March 12, 3 p.m. ET


Learn how to establish your professional presence and shape your story with SCAD communication coach John Staley! Every presenter has a story, a journey they've traveled that is distinctly their own. Explore strategies to showcase your virtual presence and amplify your personal and professional narrative. Participants should plan to interact with cameras on.

Firefighting Resident Intern Program

For Seniors- Must be 18

Umatilla County Fire District 1 (Hermiston) and Umatilla Rural Fire Protection District (Umatilla) are both accepting applications to their resident intern programs.

The programs are almost identical in that they provide housing and tuition reimbursement for students who enroll in a fire science, emt, or nursing program. The Resident Intern program provides the student with valuable training and benefits, but more importantly, the experience that cannot be attained in a classroom - working shoulder to shoulder with our professionals personnel at emergency scenes. I have attached a flyer to this email to assist you with advertising. Interested candidates should apply to both programs to increase their chances of being selected. The applications can be found on-line at http://www.ucfd1.com/ or at https://umatillafire.org/ . The deadline to apply is May 14 with interviews taking place May 18th and 19th.

Construction Scholarship

The Building Industry Association of Washington has announced $60,000 for students planning to enter a construction related field.

Since its inception, BIAW has awarded over $500,000 in scholarships and grants to students who have demonstrated a passion and commitment to developing a career in the home building industry.

BIAW also offers funding grants to organizations offering programs in construction-related fields of study, residential construction career training, continuing education, apprenticeship, and skills assessment services, and technical training programs educating tomorrow’s home builders.

The deadline to submit a scholarship application is Friday, May 14, 2021.

Check out this video about working in the Skilled Trades from employees at Market & Johnson Construction Solutions:

Interested in taking a Technical Trade class while in High School? Check out the options offered below for Pasco School District students:

Hispanic Academic Achievers Program (HAAP) Scholarship due March 15th

The HAAP Scholarship is available for high school seniors who are Hispanic and have a 3.0 GPA from their first trimester grades. The application is all on-line and due on Monday, March 15 at 11 PM (no late applications accepted).

HAAP scholarships are based on Hispanic heritage, financial need, leadership, civic and extra-curricular activities, academic achievement and higher education goals. All applications are screened and interviews are conducted to select scholarship winners. HAAP takes pride in providing resources for Hispanic youth to pursue a higher education and hope that through their college success, they will encourage other Hispanics to pursue a higher education. Our hope is students will graduate from college and become involved in their community so they give back to programs that help others.


Pick a day. Choose colleges. Go to sessions. Hundreds of colleges will offer Zoom sessions on each fair date. Just drop in!

Please be aware times listed below are Eastern Time, which is 3 hours AHEAD of Pacific Standard Time.

Click the fair links below to see what colleges will be attending each fair:

STEM College Fair, March 7th
213 colleges attending
Performing Arts & Visual Arts Fair, March 16th
135 colleges attending
Every day, thousands of dedicated individuals serve to protect freedom, maintain peace and support policies around the globe. Discover how the Military’s many paths and service commitments can offer a flexible and fulfilling future.


The Military is made up of six branches, each with their own active-duty and part-time components. Each varies in service commitment, location and how its members contribute to the overall mission of protecting our country, though all components are on the same rank-based pay scale.

Find out ways to serve and how to get started!

Visit TodaysMilitary.com


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