The Good Life Performance of The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt at the Constans Theatre bY max Dacquel

The Spatial Experience

When I entered the theater I felt a mixture of excitement to see my first play of 2017, but also nervous that the play maybe monotonous, because of how long it was. I sat in the left side middle depth. I wish I had been a bit closer, however the seats were still close enough to where I felt connected to the play. When the play started I didn't know what to expect so I was feeling a bit of anxiousness. The auditorium isn't that large allowing there to be more of a connection with the actors and actresses. I fully believe in the phrase right place at the right time. Meaning in order for things to work out you both have to have to be where you need to be at the right place at the precise moment or things won't turn out the way they are supposed to. So in summation place is very important to the good life.

The Social Experience

Before coming to the play I read through the materials provided to get somewhat of context. I went to the play by myself, however on my way to the theater this kid walked up to me asking where the Constans theater so we walked there and sat together. During this time we realized we have a lot of the same classes and even exchanged phone numbers. So i guess the goal of shared experience in good life is to allow the student body to have something that they can instantly have in common.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The main themes of the play were corruption,apathy, and poverty. The corruption coming from the church and from the factory owner. The apathy coming from Sarah Bernhardt and the upper classes toward the poor. Poverty is depicted by a young sexually abused seminarian and his family. The reopened my mind to the apathy toward the poor back then and continues to this day. A lot of people think that being poor is someones own fault. It is difficult to understand someones struggle when you haven't ever experienced it. I have to admit coming from a middle class family I don't fully understand what people who are starving and living pay check to pay check go through. In addition, as a Catholic it is difficult to see the sort of corruption going on back then and most likely continues to some extent today.

The Emotional Experience

This play reminds us that we maybe a bit more apathetic towards others than we should be. Sometimes we become so self absorbed that we forget that we should be empathetic towards others. In addition, a lot of us are privileged in some sense and should try to the best of our abilities to help those who don't have quite the same opportunities as ourselves. Some of us are corrupt in one sense or the other. Whether it is corruption for wealth or power. Many of us get caught up in these desires which could actually be a hindrance to us reaching the good life. Obsessing over these elements can consume ones life. The good life has a greater meaning than these such things.

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