We Didn't Start the Fire Project


Studebaker was a car popular in the 1950 that had a torpedo front end. People would joke that the car looked like it traveled backwards and the company that produced it went of business during 1966.

North Korea/ South Korea

After World War Two Korea had split into a two pieces with Northern country becoming communist. In 1950 the Korean War began when North Korea attacked South Korea. Both the U.S. and the United Nations entered the war to defend South Korea. The war lasted until 1953 in which it resulted in a stalemate and Korea is still split as of now.


In 1951 the hydrogen bomb was first developed by Dr. Edward Teller and others. It required an atomic bomb to detonate, but was much more powerful than the atomic bomb. The first hydrogen bomb was tested by the United States in 1952 and by Russia in 1953.


In 1954 a new material known as Dacron hit the market. The fabric was made by a company known as DuPont that had previous successes before. Dacron was the first polyester to be on the market and the selling point was that it was wrinkle free. Not only was the material in clothing, it had also was used in medical devices as rubber tubes. Dacron caused synthetic fabrics to stay for good.

A Dacron suit by DuPont


Joseph Stalin had died in March 5th of 1953 causing Georgy Malenkov to become the next leader of the USS. Before this he was a Communist party lead and was close to Joseph. He had cut military funding and weekend political repression. Almost two years after he became the USSR leader he was kicked out of power and Nikolai Bulganin took over.

Rock Around the Clock

In April 1954 Bill Haley and the Comets released the first hit rock-and-roll song known as Rock Around the Clock. It had hit number one on the pop charts July 9th 1955 and stayed in the charts for 24 weeks. The song sold 40 million copies and was the best-selling UK single during the 50s. The song’s fame grew from being the opening to a movie known as The Blackboard Jungle.


Rosa Parks

1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks had refused to give up her seat on the bus resulting in her arrest. This one act sparked a boycott of Montgomery buses by African-Americans. It cost white businesses and stores large amounts of money. This resulted in the Supreme Court ruling transportation segregation to be unconstitutional.

Little Rock

In 1957 9 African-Americans attended Little Rock’s Central High school. This was the first attempt at school integration. The governor called in the Arkansas National Guard to prevent them from attending, but President Eisenhower had the 101st Airborne Division Ensure the kids got to school.

One of the Little Rock Nine


President Eisenhower had sent into Lebanon to help the government at the time stop riots within the country.

Children of Thalidomide

Thalidomide was a drug marketed all over the world that caused developing fetuses to be born with a range of deformities from a lack of legs and arms to internal damage to even brain damage. The drug had been marked as a sedative and even in testing it had been found to be weak with many side effects. Sales for the drug soared after it was pushed as being completely safe. It was never marketed in the US due to the FDA. Until late 1961 it was marketed as Nontoxic. In 1967 the creator of thalidomide, Chemie Grunenthal was billed for involuntary manslaughter of over 8,000 babies born with the deformities, but after two years the charges were dropped and the company agreed to pay $31 million towards the thalidomide children.

Space Monkey

For all of the 1950s monkeys had been sent into space, but none of them managed to survive a flight to and back from space. Finally, in 1959, a rhesus monkey and a squirrel monkey had successfully made it into space and back to earth.

JFK Blown Away

On November 22nd of 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas by Lendon B. Harvey Oswald. Immediately he had been rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital, but nothing could be done for the President’s neck and head bullet wound. John Kennedy was pronounced dead at 1:00pm. Only an hour and a half after his death Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn into office as the 36th president.


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